Grats whytewyzard, that roll was almost impossible to make ... and you still made it. Seems it's true: Indianer kennen keinen Schmerz.

What does that mean? Indians know everything? LOL I'm sure I'm wrong. I've also been meaning to ask you what your signature means (the second line)

(Red) indians (read native north americans) don't know pain. It's a stupid, prejudicial saying in Germany. It's often used instead of the more common "boys don't cry", and with the same intention.

The second line, is difficult to translate. A rough translation would be:

"An high standard of culture/education/quality only looks like arrogance for those that fall below that standards."

The saying was coined by Klaus Kinski, a genius actor best known for playing psychopathic villains. Or maybe better known for his eccentric personality.

Can you guys look at Howahkan and help me with his powers? What might work as alternative abilities etc.? Any input is welcome


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