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I always liked that pic.

Here's a great piece of brain damage I picked up years ago.

Heh, that actually made perfect sense when compared to Perfect Hair Forever. Which I will not link to. For ethical reasons. See, linking to it requires finding it, and thus exposing my computer to it. And I just can't morally justify that to myself.

I went to go look for it because I am ill like that, still can't post though, I had the last content post.

I am watching this show now, I think I may have a new fun show to watch now.

Someone post something!

And for that you get a cut scene from Rocko... Wacky Deli

That was awesome Hilscher! I don't even know why but it was pretty coo...

Be prepared, this next one made my brain crack in half. Someone sent it to me without explanation whatsoever and I'm still trying to understand the meaning of all of this. I just sat in horror/awe...

Erm...NSFW? :x Please warn? I'm not sure what's on there...I can normally check youtube, but I got blocked...


I suppose it could be?

I wouldn't think anything on youtube is nsfw due to the TOS, I guess it really depends on the individual company decision. Don't really know what your office politics are like. I just don't let my employees fart around on the computer at all personally. If I didn't have an issue with the productivity though, I wouldn't say this would be something anyone should be calling NSFW imho though. When I think NSFW I think 18+ which shouldn't be posted on this site anyhow. Just my thoughts.

Someone post something!

Indeed. That's why I'm so puzzled...but I'm kind of glad I missed out on such gross humor. xD Don't judge job has ups and downs and sometimes I have very long boring spells. Yes, most NSFW material is NC 17, which is beyond Youtube's TOS. I'm not sure why it's blocking me...

This is my favorite cartoon of all time evar like totallay.


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