Posting Guidelines

Posting Guidelines


When making a post, put your character's name in the Title section of the post editor, and place your portrait as the first thing thing in the post. I will provide a hosting spot for the image and/or resize any that need it.

Regular speech should not be in bold or color, but should always be enclosed in "quotes".

Thoughts, if you choose to post them, should be in italics.

Ship to Ship Communications should be in colorized italics with no quotes. Color is up to you, but please make sure it is easily readable. If you are in the unusual situation of communicating from two or more ships, please use different colors for each.

Major Deering

"This is an example of what your post should look like," Deering explains to the CIC in general. Frak, they'll never get it, she thinks.

She picks up the handset off the tactical table, and orders the Comms officer, "Get me a line to the scout Raptor."

Raptor One, this is Meleager Actual. Do you have a bearing on how to organize your posting?

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