Captain Hal "Vector" Lewin - CAG

Captain Hal 'Vector' Lewin has been in the Fleet for half his life, and is considered an Ace Viper Pilot, despite having never seen combat against the Cylons. After the first third of his career was spent serving at garrison and on Escortstars, his skills earned him a transfer. He then served with distinction on the Battlestars Arvak, Talos, Atlantia, and--finally--the Pegasus under the legendarily-hard Commander (now Rear Admiral) Helena Cain. After a six-month rotation as an Instructor at the Viper Weapons School, Captain Lewin's requests for 'Space Duty' and 'Command Time' were both met simultaneously. For the last seven years, he's been posted to Meleager, performing final flight evaluations for nuggets from Fleet Viper Pilot Training. He, unfortunately, did his job too well. Colonel Beers has managed to hang onto Captain Lewin--the most experienced and skilled of his CAGs--for seven years only by trading in a fair share of the favors he is owed. But while Lewin may really prefer 'combat' duty on a 'Line' vessel, his skills have significantly improved the quality of nuggets entering the Fleet...and that is a contribution the Fleet is not willing to lose at this time.

He is a man of relatively few words outside of training, and prefers showing to explaining...well, at least showing and explaining. He is has the Colonial Viper Weapons School Graduate Device....meaning he graduated in the top 10% of his class when he went through the 'Viper Pit'. All but the cockiest trainees listen to him. And those that don't...he teaches by example, often painfully humilating.