Spring Creek's red light district

Thinking its a bit unusual for kids to walk away so easily from what has to be the most interesting (and scary) thing to have happened in Spring Creek in years, Howahkan follows on horseback to the diner.

Geoff meant well, he's an Eagle Scout and used to ordering groups of younger kids about, but it grated just a bit. Rose was a favorite of Howahkan's. She accepted him without question for who he was, and seemed genuinely interested in the Indian culture he shared with her on their meetings out in nature. She was also eager to share her knowledge and her love of it showed. She was patient with his questions, and didn't ridicule his opinions as some had.

Still overwhelmed by the feeling of dread that had nearly unhorsed him, Howahkan smiled weakly at Rose's joke about securing their respective 'rides'. He slides carefully of Itago's back, and with a subtle
Animal Handling-Dogs(15):
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d6 Results: 4, 6, 5 (Total = 15)
gesture for Akecheta to sit and stay, Howahkan walks carefully into the diner with Kanjee on his right shoulder.

Justin was something of a special case. Generous and giving to just about everyone, his offer to buy lunch probably was meant well. His frequent jokes about Howahkan's culture and their general lack of wealth made the young Indian feel as if the offer was made condescendingly. Howahkan lived amply from the land when he needed to, plus his tribe gave him all the shelter he needed while in town and the 20 or so hours he put in each week at the Vet's office gave him more than enough spending money (plus a place to stable his horse during school). With all that running thru his head, Howahkan just smiled at Justin and said, "Thanks, Justin, but there's no need. I can get my own."

Holding the door for Rose as they enter the diner, "Can I get your lunch, Rose?" He says with a smile on his face, nodding to Justin. Howahkan hopes that Rose isn't offended by his offer as he had been by Justin's.

John looks up as more faces come into the diner. Jerking his head in a quick nod, he barely makes eye contact before going back to wiping tables.

It wasn't exactly his idea of a good time, but the Diner was the families income, and when Dad calls and says he needs to be there to help, he has to be there to help. The crash was all anyone was talking about, though the murmurs of Feds weren't exactly believable. Still, it got people sitting around and eating, and that was something.

Blinking for a moment as he glanced out the window and saw a horse, which he could have SWORN shared a bored glance with a dog sitting by its side, he shakes his head and sweeps crumbs from one of the few vacant booths into a wet rag held in his hand.

"Table over here, guys,
" he says to the newcomers, people from the school. Grabbing the bus bin, he hefts it up and spins, narrowly avoiding Justin.

"Woah, sorry dude,"
John mutters as he slips by, going to dump the dishes in the back. Washing his hands, he walks back into the kitchen, grinning at his Dad.

"Busy busy busy,"
he says with a smile, grabbing a spatula and attacking some hashbrowns that were burning in the chaos of the kitchen. Looking out of the long, narrow window that opened to the counter, he watched other kids his age sitting, chatting, and feels a momentary pang of irritation that HE has to help work.

Still, it wasn't so bad. It beat being bored.

Rose Starke

"Um, sure?" Rose responded to Howahkan's offer. It's a little early for lunch... but that egg before I left was none too good. And what's with all these boys offering to buy me meals? Did I wake up gorgeous and not notice it? Nah....

She looked down the row of booths that ran along the diner's window looking out on Main Street. Sure enough, a couple of tables down sat two of the school's "cool" people, party-girl Allison Vogel and rich-boy Emmett Alcorn. For some totally inexplicable reason, Kris Shaodan was sitting with them. Yep, it IS a weird day! And how does Allison eat pancakes like that and stay so *thin*?

That trio seemed to be talking about the car crash out in the square, so Rose tried to listen in a bit. She looked around the diner, and saw plenty of the rest of the high-school crowd, though no-one she knew as well as, say, Howahkan or Kris. John gestured to a free table just past the Allison-Emmett social pinnacle, so Rose headed down the row and slid into the booth, her belly, elbows, and rambling bag all knocking awkwardly against the edge of the table as she shifted herself. She tried to make herself small against the window in case, for some reason, one of the boys wanted to sit next to her.

"So, um, does anybody know what happened with the car and the statue? Justin said something about people from the government?"

Leonard McKinsey

Leonard enters the diner. He is not in a good mood and hungry. He walks over to Allison's table and waits until she notices him.

" Here is your sd-card. I copied the photos on my computer, I wanted to check, but the internet connection is dead."

He sees Rose, Geoff and Howahkan and has a moment of indecisiveness. And now? Sitting here next to Allison, Kris and Emmet? They belong to the cool kids and I do not. Besides, Emmetis such a jerk. Would it be rude to sit elsewhere? I could sit next to Rose. She's ok. But she's talking with Geoff and Howahkan. Not sure if they want to be be disturbed. It would be weird to ask. Sit alone?... That's strange too, given that there are enough people that I know.

The conflicting thoughts enter a stalemate and he just remains standing in place, hesitating.

Rose Starke

Looking across the diner, Rose sees Leonard at the middle table, where he hands something over to Allison and actually speaks to her. And the day continues to be weird....

Rose knows Leonard well from school; they've wrestled each other, and even worked together on a class project or two. She gives a small, tentative wave, her stubby fingers wiggling like a dry tumbleweed about to break loose from the plain.

Justin does something like his fair share of the work. As the small flood of teenagers and other patrons come in, he takes orders and brings out plates of piping hot food alongside John. He lingers a little at the tables to make small talk with the other kids from school. Justin was a friendly kind of guy, and he got a smile out of nearly everyone.

The exception being Johnny Howahkan, who got the impression that Justin was offering to pay for his meal, and seemed quietly offended. Justin clarified the matter, then brushed it off with a laugh. "Heh, maybe if I wasn't on shift. Wouldn't be right if I spent more money than I made."

Soon enough everyone was seated, served, and generally content. Around that time, John disappeared into the kitchen with the first stack of dishes. Justin follows him, but only long enough to grab a bucket and mop to take out front. The mopping could probably have waited a couple of hours, but Justin wanted to be at least able to watch the other teenagers enjoy themselves

Besides, You never know when someone's going to need customer service. He thinks to himself as he starts mopping the floor.

My bad, I went back and re-reread the thread. It was Geoff that offered to buy Rose and Howahkan's lunch, not Justin. Sorry 'bout that. LOL RP'ing this teenage angst is a bit bizarre... I hope it's okay to have included a bit of what Howahkan did in the other game, even tho I hadn't included it so far in my earlier posts in this one.

With Geoff and Rose seated at the booth, Howahkan is not sure who to sit next to. Rose seems to clearly pressing up against the wall, Is she trying to make room, or just preparing to be as far away from me as she can if I sit next to her? If I sit next to her is that assuming too much? I could sit next o Geoff, but then that leaves the seat next to Rose open, and then what will everyone think? What would Rose think?

Howahkan sighs with relief when Rose waves to someone. Looking over his shoulder he notices Leonard, almost his exact opposite in everyway. Big and strong/Slender and... well not weak, but definitely not strong, Athelitic/and... well, not.., Quiet and shy/Extroverted and very vocal, and Techno savvy/almost primitive, but that was by choice! Waving Leonard over, Howahkan takes the booth seat next to Geoff.

"Hey Leonard! What did you see this morning?" Answering Rose's question, "I saw the last of the car chase, then the crash and red flash from up on the bluffs. By the time I got Itago down the foot path, the strange guys were packing up and leaving, I tried to call the Sherriff, but got rerouted to the next county's 911 center, by then the Sheriff showed up and shooed us away, and here we are...."

Leonard McKinsey

Rose's wave and Howahkan question provide a solution for Leonard's dilemma. He smiles apologetically to Allison to be on the safe side and moves towards Rose, Geoff and Howahkan. Then he sits next to Rose, thankful for having a familiar face sitting next to him. Howakan is a weird indian, but he's not a jerk

I didn't see much more. There were men men scanning with some weird instruments. I tried to capture some of the data. Allison took pictures of the number plates of their cars. I tried to find more info about those number plates on the internet, but the line is down.

He thinks for a few seconds.
Wow, I should have checked the phone line. Are we disconnected from the world? Will the army come and put us into quarantaine? Am I overreacting?

He looks around to see if it's still his turn to speak.

Did any from you make a phone call after the men left?

Well, someone will make that same connection. given that I am not paranoid.

Geoff sits down, leaving enough room for Johnny and was glad that everyone was away from that crash. He knew stuff like that could be dangerous, especially when a red glow emmits from it. When Jonny called over Leonard, Geoff looks over thinking, well aparently everyone is at the diner. He already noticed all the kids in the diner, he just kind of forgot about it. Answering Leonard, "Besides Johnny? I think I might of seen one other person try, but couldn't say. By the time I came down Johnny was already calling didn't want to add to the chaos."....with all the talking Geoff is getting thirsty When are they going to take our order?

Rose Starke

At first Rose continues to clearly try to take up a minimal amount of space, over by the wall of the booth. As orders are taken, breakfast is served, and the conversation continues she gradually emerges from her shell.

"So, Leonard, it sounds like it's just a problem with your computer. Not spooky NSA guys. Ha-ha. Um, anyway.

"I wonder, though, where those guys came from? Didn't somebody say they came up the back road? So, had they been driving cross-country for a while, or were they staying somewhere here in the valley?"

Rose thinks about her own rambles around the valley of late, trying to recall if she'd seen a similar car anyplace, or anywhere remote and spooky enough to excite the interest of a bunch of mysterious government agents.


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