Cadet Lieutenant Vanessa "Killer" Killian

C-Lt Vanessa "Killer" KillianViper Pilot Trainee, Meleager

At six feet and blond, Vanessa Killian is just about the opposite in appearance to her rival, Alana Gorgo. She is slim and has a toned physique that seems to be effortless to maintain. She often wears a sultry look, but it slips away in an instant whenever necessary.

Agi d8
Str d6
Vit d6
Ale d8
Int d8
Wil d6

LP 12
Init d8 + d8 + d4*
End d6 + d6
Res d6 + d6

Athlete d4
Allure d2
Cool Under Fire d4
Dogfighter d2
Faith d2
Fast on Your Feet d6
Split Second Timing d4*
Talented (Viper/Ship's Cannons) d6

Duty d10
Glory Hound d4
Lustful d4
Overconfident d6
Rival d6

Athletics d6
->Gymnastics d8
Running d8
Covert d4
Discipline d4
Guns d6
Influence d6
Pilot d6
->Viper d10
->Ships Cannons d8
Survival d4
Tech Engineering d6
Martial Art d6
->Tauronese Gung Fu d10

Vanessa Killian was born on Tauron to parents deeply involved in the field of spaceship design, where her penchant for athletics was viewed at first as a charming diversion. Later, as she grew older and insisted that her happiness would be found on the track and field rather than in the laboratory, her parents finally gave in.

Vanessa gained a scholarship to the Caprican University through her gymnastic ability, but the trip from Tauron the Caprica changed the direction of her life. With her eyes glued to the porthole for the entire trip, Vanessa found that she was in love with space travel. When she arrived on Caprica, she headed for the closest Fleet Recruiter instead of her paid-for college.

Testing revealed that Vanessa had a talent for spatial awareness and fine motor control. She was immediately recommended for Flight School, and hasn't looked back since. In Basic Flight, she clashed with the other top student, an Alana Gorgo, and the two, alike in many ways, have been fierce rivals ever since. Vanessa has been forced to admit that Gorgo has some small edge in the cockpit, but "Killer" Killian consistently outshoots the shorter woman.