Brother Benjamin 'Ben' Bonner

You know I hadn't even thought of that, and it rhymed with the bon from bonfire. I think I'll change his last name though....

Brother Ben (Benjamin Bonter)

Complicated Community
Stat Dice: 15d6
Trait Dice: 6d6 2d8
Relationship Dice: 4d4 2d6 2d8 2d10


Body: 3d6
Acuity: 4d6
Will: 4d6
Heart: 4d6


I've had to fight most of my life 2d8
I'm a good shot 2d6
I learn the Mysteries 2d6
I can ride 1d6
I know the pain of ostracism 1d6

Relationships (Dice remaining: 3d4 2d6)

I've heard the call and now serve as a Dog 2d10
I've earned the respect of the shamans of one tribe of Mountain Folk 2d8
[sin] Sometimes I see demons where none exist 1d4

Gun 1d6+1d4
Unique Coat 2d6
Horse 1d6
Dairy of demons met 1d6

Initiation: I hope I exorcise the demon

Hi Codger,

Most of that looks fine, I think your relationship with the mountain people is maybe a little broad, could you narrow it down to a specific person or a specific community/settlement of the mountain people? It just seems a bit overpowered if you can take that 2d8 in almost any situation involving the mountain people.

Certainly, I just didn't want to impose too much on such a vague part of the setting.

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