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What is this I don't even...
I won't go as far as to say my sanity is broken (If it isn't broken yet, it's damn indestructible.), but what?
That... Was weird.

I need to get cracking on finding my own, but all I can think of to put up is more Manicorn pics...

Anything is better than nothing (and I don't think I can get enough of Manicorn, he may be my new favorite superhero). Content King rules mandate that I wait till someone else shares something before posting a best response to Manicorn.

*peeks around* anyone coming back here to play?

Enjoy, Tiene.


that was... uh...


I approve.

How about some of... THIS

That trick was amazing. Like all really good magic, the delivery is what made it truly stand out. And of course, utterly sick.

I seem to have a specialty in creepy pictures.

Yay! I get to post more weird stuff now!

@memento, that is a freaky pic. Not sure if it's the legs or the shoes, probably both.

That... that was weird. But oddly cute.
Is there something wrong with me? :P

About the pic: I really didn't notice the legs, or the shoes until afterwords. The expression, and the posture is what got me...

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