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Turn been up a few days. I edited an earlier post though so may not have showed up as a new post.

So was I. But I suspect the amount of work for the GM didn't become apparent till it was too late. The Pathfinder Kingdoms campaign is a combined roleplay/management campaign for one group running one barony. I suspect trying to manage this for multiple groups was just too much work.

Though I could have suggested an alternative way.

A single large barony subdivided into however many regions PC's want to manage, but located fairly close to each other. Advisors handled much as now, kingdom rules used much as now for the 'knights' holdings.

The single barony has no baron or build orders, but has the 3 or 4 or wharever Knights (PCs) ruling it in council. Probably not much to do at barony level initially as all building takes place at 'knight holding' level.

Roleplaying is where it makes the difference. The GM doesn't need to think of seperate adventures for each realm, we are all close, and mostly based in the Baronies capital rather than our own villages. So we can deal with issues as a single group when a roleplaying situation happens.

This reduces the GM's workload considerably, as turn management isn't a vast amount of work.

But, it didn't fall apart during the kingdom part, but during the hexcrawl part.

If we had an email address for him, at least we could ask him what's going on.

From now on, I'm going to insist on a DM's email address so we can contact them outside of this website.

Alright folks, its officially been a month since he's been on. So far its been fun, but with no word in 4 weeks I'm officially calling this game dead. It was fun while it lasted and I look forward to seeing you all on the boards. Good luck and Good night.



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