Character Applications

Character Applications

Please post all applications in this thread.

Here's an application for a character I have missed playing:

(Crossed-out caption used to read: "Actual Size.")

Dweylin the
Elder Red Wyrm,
He's 3 feet long
Lord of All He Surveys, and
in his own mind
Bahamut's Own Gift to Dragonkind

Character Name: Simon
Physical Description: Average human, 5'11", average build, Black hair, Blue eyes
[no picture yet]

abilities: Magery, Mana Enhancer (2 levels), One-Skill Magic (Thaumaturgy)

Background: Simon grew up in an apparently average 20th century Earth. Strange things started happening around him shortly after puberty. For 20 years the power grew and in his mid-thirties the Covenant came for him. The Covenant is a shadow, mufti-governmental organization that seeks to keep magic secret from the general populace. His family was killed and he "ran". His magical abilities suddenly became clear to hi ad he gated into the cosmos.

Iblis the Terrible, Exile from Uranus.

Dweylin: I like it, though like the intelligent ferret idea that was forwarded, it's not quite what I was thinking. No issues, though.

Simon: Really don't have a feel for it and I'd need to look up the One skill magic. Care to expand on him any more?

Iblis: I'm not sure I'm comfortable with Iblis.. Doesn't seem to be the kind of character I can envision fitting in with the kind of story I'm trying to tell.

It was a long shot, but I really want to get that character into a game one of these days. I'm just surprised I was able to squeeze it into 250 points. Anyway, I'll see about a less out-there character - perhaps a super or a wuxia type...maybe both....

Name: Chandrakantha
Phsyical Description: 5' 8" tall, slim figure, large round black eyes, dark complexion.
Character Concept: Chandracantha is training in teh ways of kalariyapit. She has not completed training, but was sent from the temple to learn more of the world and bring good works to her country. She is a devout Hindu who practices yoga in addition to
Special Abilities: She is training in the mystic ways of yoga and kalariyapit. She has the potential to unlock the secrets of her mind, body, and spirit, become a near-magical healer, and learn mNtras with magical properties.
The World: Kerala, India circa 1,100 a.d.

Interesting. I'll wait to see how you work it out. Plus, I'd like to know a little more about this discipline.

Name: Andon
Phsyical Description: Closer to eight feet than seven, with the muscles to match. Beetle brow and jutting chin, slightly grayish skin, lined and weathered face, dark eyes, pointed teeth.
Character Concept: Genetically engineered to be a super-soldier, but the training didn't stick (too much conscience and independent thinking). Andon wound up dirt poor in the wrong part of L.A., where the sun don't shine even when you're above ground and you get used to the sounds of violence real quick. These days, Andon has staked out a territory and brought everyone in his little corner of the ghetto under his personal protection, enforced with sword taller than most men.

He's sort of like a knight in shining armor, minus the horse, wealth, social prestige, commitment to a fair fight, shininess, and basically everything except the skills, chivalry, and the sword.
Special Abilities: Andon's a physical powerhouse beyond human norms, and he has a very nice sword as signature gear. He might be bringing along a few minor (he can't afford more than minor) ultra-tech toys, but maybe not.
The World: Los Angeles, at an unspecified point in a dystopian future. Let's called it 2350.
Character Sheet: here

I like what you're showing, Connington.. I'll wait till I see a sheet, though.


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