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I know the feeling. I usualy think of these games like base ball, something big like this is a strike, i usualy give them two and head out on the third, or if i am other wise enjoying the players... i count some as fouls not strikes.

So what, you want me to stay so I can make another character who will have absolutely no sway on the story?

Strike 1: Lack of effect on the story
Strike 2: Never be given the chance to make an effect on the story
Strike 3: Having an in character choice leave me with a negative dramatic experience.

There was a point the Prince gave me praise for my piety. Did this get me invited to any private conversations with Imperials? I can pretty much assure you that such an action in one of my games would of have tangible reward. Instead, I never spoke to the Prince again.

The story teller stated that good descriptions would be met with reward. I have gone out of my way to give as much detail as possible. I saw no such reward, which either means my writing ability is sub-par or I should feel VERY insulted.

I am one of the MOST active posters in the game, which should mean I should have plenty of scenes with other active posters. Nope, not in this game.

I mean, at this point making another character sounds like the roleplaying game equivalent of a placebo. I will feel better because I have a chance to do things I want, but in reality all I am doing is hanging around for a game that clearly doesn't need or want my presence.

All I am saying is it some times works to give it another chance. True everything isnt golden. Trust me, I know the feeling on all of those things above. I seem only to have been a token in the "imporant" threads I was in. I do plan on giving it another shot, perhaps this one was a fluke and we fell through the cracks. If thats true its not as likely to happen again... if it does, I make my decisions more informed down the line.

One of the issues is other then the tourny we were all but blind to the existances of other characters pre game. Theres no reason characters shouldnt have more going on... I am not really sure 100% what to do if we are oked to make new characters. I am concidering some beat stick, crab maybe unicorn, or something... or who knows heh.

shallowrain is rarely active, so a Unicorn is a bad idea. You will probably only get scenes with her. Crab will lead to the same problem again, no one has any reason to talk to you or include you in anything. I'd say go with a Seppun guardsman.

*nods* i asuade that by having already writen it off as silly.

Heh wonder what thats called!
meh I will do what I always do, make a character that amuses me, and see what happens. Might see about having the Otomo patron a Falconer or something.

So yeah, been talking with SI in PM and he really seems to have no patience with my issues... don't blame him since it is a very fast paced game to be running. I sort of feel like a dick for being mad at him, but at the same time I really hate dying because of a cutscene.

Yea, I am trying to get some answers, and not quite be a dick


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