Of Water and Fog....

"The nearest settlement would be my camp. The next proper ones would be my grandfathers and the Village, at about the same distance. There may be bandit camps closer then those two, but I doubt thats what you mean?"

He continued down the path with his things, obvously familiar with the area.

"Well thats where I am going, so that we can start preparing the fish, while they are still fresh. And as I have said, you are welcome to follow"He looked back with a smile.

"I am sure most new commers here feel about how you are now, it is something of a sudden change."

"New comers?" the main asked, picking up on that singular statement above all else, "Visitors, more like it. I don't think we've much intent to stay beyond getting our bearings, lovely though I expect this place is."

"I am sure, however its not always a quick and simple task to egress from here. My grandfather would likely have something spiritual to say, I dont think thats the sort of answer you are looking for. So let me say, the exits, enternces and connections to this valley are not set, and shift over time. It makes planned travel... very hard"

Kage's hand drifts back down to his Kaui blade. "Much like the Shadowlands. Which direction did you say we were from the Empire?"

lore: shadowlands/intelligence +5 TN Furokujin's Curse:
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 8, 8, 10, 4 (Total = 25)

"I didnt, I am not sure. No one comes to here by path, including any one who leaves. It is very hard to place our vale on a map with out being able to recieve feedback."
Again the sound of running water and a dull grinding can be heard ahead of you. As the fog continues to clear you see lanterns glowing ahead of you. there are some small farms around you as the path takes you into his camp. People look up from their work towards you.


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