OOC - Questions From Readers

OOC - Questions From Readers

This thread is for any questions from readers (as opposed to players).

Players with questions on the game may continue to use the Out Of Character thread.

Any readers that have questions on the game, the rules, the characters. how to run a play-by-post game, etc., feel free to chime in here and we'll do our best to answer your questions!


Why is character creation randomized? Surely that just makes things messier than having players spend points and stuff?

The players haven't raised any concerns with the random approach, so it doesn't seem messy on my end. I would expect that this is because the players value the roleplaying aspect just as much - or even more - than the mechanics around ability scores, skills and powers.

I know in Champions you spend points to create characters, but that then means all the characters are made from the same base. Marvel Super Heroes requires less accounting and bookkeeping in this regard. You can roll dice to get your scores or, if you have a good Judge, you can simply build the character you want. This sort of randomness does allow for more variety, which I would argue provides the variety of superheroes we see in comics.

See for me, when I eventually get to join a game and learn to play, I don't want to play a character so much as an Avatar, who acts as I would and shares my weaknesses
So my between-the-lines question that I really wanted to know the answer to is: Will anyone object to me just choosing my numbers rather than rolling them (sensibly, of course, I don't intend to get my God Mode on)

Depends on the GM. I probably wouldn't have a problem with rolling 7 attributes and them placing them where you like, but the randomness is an inherent part of most RPG character creation systems (especially RPGs from the 1980s).

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