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Corrupt A Wish

Corrupt A Wish

You've prolly all played it at some point, but for those who haven't:

Basically, you make a wish. Then, the person who posts after you grants the wish, but in some cruel way, then THEY make a wish. Wash, rinse, repeat:

Poster 1: I wish I had a tall glass of water so I won't be thirsty anymore.

Poster 2: Granted, but the water completely dehydrates you.

I wish I didn't have a headache.

Poster 1 (or Poster 3 in case someone else posted first): Granted, now you have a migraine instead.

I wish *insert random wish here*

...and so forth and so on. Now to start:

I wish I had an unlimited supply of Welch's strawberry soda.

You gain an infinite amount of Welch's strawberry soda, and nothing to contain it in; the universe is now Welch's strawberry soda.

I wish for the ability to instantly know and remember the answer to any question which I think of.

Granted: But you have no room in your head for anything else, including breathing.

I wish for 10 million dollars, gained legally and after taxes are taken.

The ten million dollars is added to a trust fund, and released to you at a rate of $150 per month.

I wish that my previous wish be retroactively amended to state "I wish for the ability to instantly know and remember the answer to any question which I think of, without losing, directly or indirectly, any knowledge, instinct, feature, etc. which is necessary or potentially helpful to my continued survival and success."

Granted: But, when you decide to ask yourself the meaning of life and discover the answer, you realize that you CAN'T handle the truth!

As a result, you quickly fall into depression and start drinking heavily and taking LSD everyday in the hopes that if you fry enough of your brain cells, you will end up as oblivious as Ozzy Osbourne and forget about the terrible truth.

Regretfully because of your wish, no matter what you do, you are unable to forget. Finally one day, you decide that you can't take it any more and decided to blow your brains out, knowing that there can't possibly be a fate worse than this awaiting you in the afterlife. Or is it?!

I wish: That Firefly was back in the air, with all new episodes and that Wash hadn't died in the movie.

Granted, but Joss Whedon is no longer directing and the entire cast has changed to the worst actors and actresses you can imagine. Not to mention that Wash came back from the dead in the most cliched and cheesy manner imaginable.

I wish that I could move through time and space at will with no harmful physical or mental results.

Your wish is granted. You are given a body that is able to move through space occupied by displaceable substances, and are allowed to move forward at a rate of one second per second, so long as you will it to do so.

I suppose it's time for a classic wish...I wish to be immune to physical and mental deterioration from any source, including but not limited to time, injuries, illness, and time, even if it is self inflicted.

Granted. You are now a ghost, invisible to all, inaudible to all, undetectable by all. Have fun with your inability to interact in any way.

I wish for the end of wars around the world.

Granted. Now all disputes are settled--and everyone has to watch it--by reenacting the video of Right Round: (look it up on youtube by Dead or Alive; I can't post urls yets. XDD)

I wish I had the power to fly fast without any adverse affects of any kind. XD

Granted; you can fly fast, and this had no adverse affects of any kind on you. Not granted: the ability to land, or fly slowly.

I wish for what it is I should wish for.


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