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I'm not sure what you mean by Stacking. But, this may answer your question: Any time you challenge a Value or Relationship, you add it's die rating to your Growth Pool before stepping it down.

First of all, I am unfortunately the son of two teachers. Please keep this in mind when you read further.

Can we all choose a tense and agree on it? Are we going to phrase things in the past tense or the present tense? It would make the reading easier. I prefer present tense myself as it seems more active. But I'm flexible.

*rolls eyes* Fine!

For the record, teaching is a family trade for me, too. Mother, 3 aunts and a sister whom are teachers, so I feel your pain... sort of.

To answer DainXB's question from the game thread, YES you can add ONE stress from your opponent to your dice pool. Be sure to narrate how it helps you. You can only add ONE stress. The opponent can then choose to add one of their OWN stresses to their dice pool, if they have one that's not being used and they think applies. Once again, narrate it.

I'm AFB, but I have a quick question:

Is stress relief ONLY from other leads?

I ask because of Lillian, and I do remember a while back chatting with someone--I think it was Cam--about being able to spend some PP to "de-stress yourself." All it would take was on PP for a new location/extra, and roll these 2d6, and add either another resource or your own drive to give you enough dice to beat one or two dice of stress. With the resource dice, you can add both to your roll if you want/need to, so the likelihood of succeeding is high...but it does cost your limited resources.

If no one has their books with them, that's ok...I'll read up on it when I get home!


I looked it up in the book and it doesn't mention using Extras. It says that someone else has to patch you up. It's less than specific on who that someone else is.

I noticed that we have a habit of asking if something is a test or contest. However, rereading the section in the rule book, I'm finding that it says to roll the dice when it's important enough for you to. Remember, if the other side gives in without rolling, there's no stress or plot points given out.

Especially in the PBP milieu, I think that it could make things go a bit quicker if we just rolled our dice instead of asking. That way, if it wasn't needed, the other side just gives us what we want, and no harm, no foul. But, if dice need to roll, we're a step ahead of the game.

What do y'all think?



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