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Corrupt A Wish

We crossed posts, but mine was so much better.

Originally Posted by Prestidigitationer View Post
I wish that I had all the knowledge of the universe with no harm being done to my person or my psyche.
Granted: Except that when you wake up, you are naked on an island with a strange mark on your flesh and for some mysterious reason you only see in black and white. You effectively know everything there is to know about everything, you have the answers to all the questions, except the one's that matter the most. Like who you are and why where you on that island? That's right, apparently you suffer from some sort of amnesia.

With your magnificent new abilities, you quickly make yourself a fortune. One day you realize that you can see some things and people in color and that they are somehow linked to your past.

You decide to start conducting an investigation in order to figure out who you really are, and understand what do these colored things/people really mean to you. You run into wacky and entertaining situations every week and shortly but slowly you get closer to the truth.

After several months you discovered that a secret organization called the Phoenix group which has infiltrated every and all levels of government is behind the secret of who you are. However, they constantly step in your way in order to prevent you from finding the truth.

Finally with your superior mind you are able to dismantle their plans, however just when you are about to find out your identity and the secret reason behind all of this, Fox decides to cancel your show.

I wish: Fox hadn't canceled John Doe.

That was weak.

Wish granted: but M. Night Shyamalan does the script for the final season.

Hers? Who's "her"?

And not granted: because you didn't corrupt the last wish.

thats because there was no wish to corrupt. you never made a wish after your last corruption.

Originally Posted by TanaNari View Post
I wish: that it was no longer possible for humans to tell lies.
Yes. I did. Right before zell's post.

Originally Posted by phiktional View Post
Moving this Along.

I wish for a +3 Greatsword of Maiming.
Granted, but it is a cursed sword, and 5 minutes later you've lost your legs and arms.

I wish I could travel back in time, meet me at 9 years old and tell me what I need to do to be the coolest guy around.

Granted. Your younger self fails to heed your advice. Now you have absolutely no excuse for how much your life sucks.


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