OOC Talk

4 is usually what I'd like as absolut minimum as it gives enough brainpower. So if we've got 4 players, I'm fine.

Guys, I'm afraid I wont be able to continue this game. I tried hard ... but when I thought I'd see a silver lining at the horizont, I got a new mutliday trip to one of our major customers in scandinavia. With 6 hours notification as topping.

Given my latest change in responsibilities (a result of that trip), it doesn't seem as if this situation will change too soon. So I'm afraid I'll have to drop GMing for the time being. Sorry if I disappointed you.

Congratulations on a great (I hope!) job, Krys; that's certainly important, in these times. Perhaps we will get to play together in another campaign, when/if things settle down.


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