Rock Fortress

Rock Fortress - Round 4

John staggers to the wizard, "You... are... not... getting... away..." John hisses to himself. John swings his sword at the wizard leaving a icy blue steak with the death aura through the air. Air is all he manages to connect with, however.

Her friend's dying moans, the intense heat burning and scarring her unprotected skin, the monsters all around. None of it matters. Allyria can do nothing but reach for the pitcher that Jared grabbed. For reasons she can't even begin to comprehend, her own survival instinct is of no consequence next to her desire to drink the damnable liquid. She finally manages to shake off the effects of the krenshar's initial attack.

ZhuGuan blinks trying in vain to clear the afterimages of the showering color show from his eyes. It's that runt behind the wall. That one that tried to break those wonderful pitchers! The half-elf gave a wary eye to some of the listless party members. The giant elf ran up beside the makeshift rock wall and stabbed at the scurrying creature behind it. His glaive crashes down on the top of the rock wall without hitting the kobold that is now mostly in his view.

Jared finds himself in a bit of a mess. The flaming ball next to him burns him on the outside while the boiling hot wine burns his guts. He can barely stand, and he has two opponents looking down upon him. He looks over and see Vicky asleep on the floor. Her eyes are starting to flutter open, but she is in no shape to help herself let alone him. He then looks back at Allyria again. He realises that he just handed her a pitcher that has helped in nearly killing him.

"Don't drink..." Jared pleads, but he recalls how the temptation felt.

He knows she won't listen, and destroying the pitcher will only delay the inevitable. What's worse is that he knows he can't stay here, standing so close to the fire and two enemies. He knows that he has to get away, but that is going to be tricky. Jared unleashes an attack against both the krenshar and the kobold slink. The slink easily avoids the psychic assault, but the krenshar staggers backwards from the force of the attack. Jared knows he can't stand by this fire any longer. He scans the room for Guan and finds the tall half-elf in the north part of the chamber. He looks down at Vicky and over at Allyria. He can't stay here anymore. He won't survive another hit unless he can catch his breath and heal. He moves as quickly as he can towards ZhuGuan.

The krenshar, perhaps intrigued by his fleeing meal, rushes forward around some of the bunk beds to try and catch up to Jared. It pays no attention to its own burning guts. The skin and muscle peel back off the krenshar's skull sending something akin to chills down Jared's spine. It then charges right at Jared, ignoring the half-elf. He
10 damage
tears a claw right through Jared's small body spilling massive amounts of blood as the halfling collapses to the ground, dying like Jack out in the hallway.

The kobold slink left all on its own has no qualms about killing a helpless foe. It moves towards Vicky with the full intention of piercing her skull with its spear, killing the bird-woman. When he gets there he notices that she isn't as helpless as he had thought, but he decides to kill her anyway. Vicky manages to bring her hand up to her face as if that would
I'm assuming that Vicky would want to make use of the "Not In The Face!" card for this round, removing the Slink's combat advantage for his attack.
stop his weapon. It does not stop the kobold and he stabs her through the chest. Vicky slumps against the ground and blood begins to
Natural 20, 8 damage
pour out. He then turns his attention to Allyria, still eying the pitcher with hunger.

The kobold wizard takes
a minor for one shift, a move for the other
two cautious steps back, putting itself into a corner. It then fires off a bolt of magical force at the undead eladrin
11 force damage
striking him hard in the chest.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan leans his back against John. He turns his head toward the revenant an odd look on his face. The slayer cocks an eyebrow at the undead but not dying companion a brief flash of concern on his face is there then gone. It is replaced with a smirk and an even stare.

"Right where we want them, right?"

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

John looks over his shoulder at Guan "Of course... You weren't worried were you." John said with a clam voice. John looks at Jared 'We need more people...' John Takes out a potion and force feeds it to Jared. When Jared's eyes flutter open John grabs his clothes and bends down. "Do me a favor... GET UP!! Swear to me that you'll stand up! John grins as he moves closer to the wizard making sure the wizard won't escape next time.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

He watched the Krenshar tear into Jared. The halfling's crumpled form seemed so small. His morbid reverie interrupted by a cry from Vicky. He turned his attention just in time to see the kobold's spear stab into her. Her talon clawed at the spear before falling beside her.

* * *

"She'll hold together. Hear me, baby? Hold together!... or this is gonna be a real short trip." He wasn't sure why he chose those quotes to run through his head just now -- they seemed appropriate though. At least it'll end with me standing, he thought to himself with a certain grimness as he faced down the Krenshar.

I need an out, he thought to himself as he fended away the demented looking dog, trying to give John a chance to administer a drought to the halfling. "Worried? No, of course not." It was a lie of course.

Just one more chance, he prayed. He knew he'd already had enough second chances but the desperate aren't afraid to push a limit or two. He closed his eyes.

Then... Laughter? He thought he heard laughter in the distance. A hollow joyful and haunting laughter that seemed familiar. Almost as if he knew the person's voice, a menacing voice. It was briefly interrupted by the sounds of beating wings then gone. It had been so short he wasn't sure if he had imagined it. When he opened his eyes he no longer stood where he had been a moment earlier. It took a moment to handle the disorientation. The wizard... He formulated a quick plan in his head.

He kicked at the recovering halfling. "What? You're going to just lie there? Get to killing already ya sissy." He said with a shout before taking advantage of his new second chance. He hoped for another one though. Luck, don't be fickle. he hoped as he leaped into the cover the wizard had used earlier. I hope this thing helps me as much as it helped them.

He charged the wizard, pinning him in the corner. Chances...

Guan Yu is effective in combating the unjust and destroying evil... usually. At this moment, he looks as though he has picked up his weapon for the first time, and his teammates have noticed.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

Guan seems suddenly confused for a moment.

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