Chapter 1 - Adrift

Avedis shakes is head before answering Brenden quietly. "My link only allows me to manipulate health, I cannot read thoughts or experiences. The secrets you keep and fantasies you entertain are safe."

With the aid of Griselda's artifice and Tempest's seamanship, the longboat is guided through the day toward the island.

If there's more you would like to say or do before making landfall you are free to do so here. I will open up the next chapter as soon as I get a Profession: Sailor check from Tempest but I will leave this thread unlocked for a time to finish off any pre-landfall discussions you might wish to have.

With the reassurance of weapons Tempest began to
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tack the longboat towards the promise of land. She began to call out directions as the sail went up under Griselda's guidance, her eyes focusing on her goal.

Her throat was dry and tight, the lack of fresh water and worry of what was to come combining to make swallowing hard. Her hands gripped the tiller tightly as she turned the bow towards the island, grim determination on her face.


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