Applications go here.

Applications go here.

I look forward to seeing what delightfully creative characters you all submit. Familiarity with the Planes is not a requirement, your PCs may very well start (and stay) on the material plane.

Name: Grunt Drez
Race: Half-Red Dragon Ogre Mage
Side 1: Ogre Mage/8, Half Dragon/2, Sorcerer/2
Side 2: Cleric/8, Sorcerer/2, Cleric/2
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Name Vhoroth Shiwai
Race Air Genasi
Class Race 1 / Psion 5 / Slayer 6 // Factotum 3 / Lurk 9
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Roles Skill monkey and striker

More to come.

Application Complete

Name:Rand Drac-Narphine

House:House of the Dragon
Role:Front line fighter/ scout
Race Wood Elf
Classes:Fighter4/Knight of the crown 10- Scout 10/Dragon Rider 2

Personality: Strong, cocky, self absorbed, and loyal. Rand is a man who follows the way of the Knight to the code. Challenging those who disgrace it, and believes his house is superior to all others. He believes in no man left behind during the fighting and thus goes in first and comes out last. But since the disaster that has befallen his clan he seems to have obtained a second side as he some times loses control to the rage filling him at his failure


"Cut off the arm to save the body, kill the father to save his family, sacrifice a soul to preserve a hundred more."
-- The Rule of Lesser Evil, Excerpt from the Tome of Necromancy.

Race: Human
Class: Wizard 5 (Necromancer)/
Speaker for the Dead
SftD 7//Wizard 10 (Necromancer)/
Master of the Seven Necromantic Mysteries
MotSNM 2
This character has a very wonky alignment. Once this application is complete, I'll let you decide if he is evil or neutral.



"I am the son of a man who has brought ruin to an entire world... His sins are now on my shoulders."

Alith Anar
Prince of the Firstborn

Race: High Elf
Wizard 12 (Diviner)//Tome Samurai 12
Alignment: Lawful Good

----------------- in progress...

Name Quexil Qai
XPH, pg 215
Class HD and LA 8 / Psion 1 / Thrallherd 3 //
Minatures Handbook, pg 8
Healer 12
Alignment Neutral Good
Roles "Damn it man, I am not a healer, I'm a brain surgeon!"

2Q was sleeping underneath the sands of the vast Khirbukyet desert when the Howling Fear goblin war broke out. Goblins unnumbered poured into the world through portals from another place carrying with them the banner of Maglubyet, their dark deity. And so all the inhabitants were forced into a global conflict lasting for decades, or until extinction. For the Howling Fear spared no one.

Within the Khirbukyet, the Bhukas lasted longest. The tall goblinoid race, well adapted to the sandy wastes, survived and even thrived much to the chagrin of Maglubyet war priests.

It was during the siege of sands, when goblins uncovered the ruins of an ancient temple. And within this ruin there slept Qeuxil Qai, or 2Q as it has come to be known. Making a deal for its freedom, 2Q, in the shape of a dragon, promised to help rid the planet of the Bhuka, a promise it never intended to keep. For as soon as it was freed the unbodied joined the Bhuka in their fight for freedom. This outraged the goblins and this act of betrayal spread throughout all goblindom and before the dark deity’s altar, war priests vowed to bring an end to 2Q and all the Bhuka.

2Q’s assistance came in the form of healing mostly. But the being also brought to the Bhuka the lore of lost times. As councilor, it helped uncover the lost places, where stores of technical devices were found. And with these discoveries, the Bhuka placed more and more confidence in 2Q, granting it a position of recognition within their nation.

2Q managed, with some minor manipulation, to set up a stronghold in the Khirbukyet. There, with its thrall and believers, it continues the cause in the war with the Howling Fear, conducting raids and eradicating the many plagues brought on by the goblin war priests.

Loved ones: 2Q's family unit consists of its thrall,
gestalt 11 Psion//Druid
Niskigan, and a plethora of Bhuka
2Q's thrallheard leadership score will be around 20ish
believers. 2Q also considers its celestial companion, the gynosphinx Ajeezha, to be family. Members of the Bhuka high council,
level 5 Wilderness Rogue
Stikuchi and
level 5 Savage Bard
Yukaki'na, have a very close relationship with the unbodied and are often found in 2Qs stronghold.

Rivals: 2Q was able to convince many of the Bhuka that hidden technology in the desert could help them in their struggle with the goblins, however, not all the Bhuka were on board with this. Many of the Bhuka tribal leaders considered the move towards adopting the 'unnatural' way an all out attack on their way of living. With the war ongoing no real schism was created, however, some tribes will reject 2Q even to the point of expelling 'believers' from ceremonial gatherings. The matriarch,
level 15 Druid
Kekkoti, offers the most resistance to the unbodied.

Nemesis: 2Q has invoked the wrath of
Gestalt level 15 Paladin of Tyranny//Sorcerer
Ulg'mog the Great. Ulg'mog is the overseer of the forces of Maglubiyet and is tasked with the job of defeating the Bhuka in the desert.

"Finihsed" app, subject to slight revisions.


Race:Teifling (with large size feindish feat)

Classes: Tome Monk 12//Tome Samurai12

Role: tank, grappler, crowd control

Description: In most situations, Sheerak looks like an average human, acheived by the use of his harmless form ability. This form can be used to look like any humanoid, and he has been human elf, dwarf, and more, but generally he takes the guise of a brown haired 6" man with a small scar on his face, a days worth of stubble, and an old leather duster.

Sheerak true form is a Male Tiefling, who's appearance if more serene than beastial, giving him an almost "elven" countenance, despite his Ram's horns (which curl into one full corkscreww), his tail (which is only about a foot long), his dark skin (the color of volcanic sands with a hint of cobalt), his wings (which are feathery and black, like those of a black swan) and his distinctive teifling face. He stands tall, and keeps his hair cut meticulously short. His height is intimidating, as he stands 8' 6" tall, making him hard to miss in a crowd and making him a beacon in fights. His countenance is calm though, is a triffle aloof or even distainful. Were it not for the deep anti-tiefling feelings held by so many, Sheerak would be held as handsome; some may still think so.

Personality: Sheerak is a bit reserved in his social interaction, prone to bouts of introspection. He is quick to command, but hesitant to lead. He won't admit it to himself, but he is hopoing to find someone to open up to. He is pained by the loss of his lord father (see below) and will pursue any lead in that investigation with miopic devotion.

Background:Sheerak grew up in the House of Lord Su, a human who oversaw a large agricultural province. Lord Su was a human, and never explained to Sheerak who his mother was, how he came to be there, or where his name came from. Lord Su seemed amused or irritated by these requests, depending on his mood, either dismissing the questions entirely or giving deep answers that shared nothing ("You are called Sheerak because that is your name." etc.) Despite this, Lord Su raised Sheerak as his son, training him in the ancestrial arts of the Su family, as well as educating him in the art of running a province. Sheerak excelled and reveled in fighting, though his father was successful to chanel this in self dicipline and a soul that could revel in battle wihtout ever seeking it. Once when returning from aiding a small village in the souther part of the province, Sheerak saw smoke coming from his home. He raced his horse to exhaustion, and arrived to the smoldering mannor house Bodies were strewn everywhere, and the only survivor he found was a maid who was in histerics, who said that Lord Su had been killed and that "they" would surely come back to kill her too. She died without giving up any more information. Sheerak personally lifted evey rock, wall, and beam in the rubble, but did not find his Father's body. When he found his faather's ancectrial sword, he assumed the worst. His rage boiled and he screamed for over an hour without pause. This show of rage somehow drew deep into his feindish heritage, drawing forth traits previously hidden. Sheerak had always been taller than those in his province, but he grew 3 feet in that hour, and wings sprouted from his back. While he learned to take advantage of these, it reminded him of the tenuous grasp we all keep on our souls, and he rededicated himself to balance and poise.

He has searched for word of the killers, but has found nothing. The tracks come from one clearing and then return to that clearing. After determining to his satisfaction that no group from his world could be responsible responsible, he has traveled to the city of doors, to pick up the trail. He has little to his name beyond the equipment he had tekken on that fatefull journey, and is prepared to take whatever work he must to support himself and to gain strength in order to see his Father avenged.

Loved ones and allegences:
Sheerak has never known family besides his father. Everyone else he was friendly with in the household is dead, and he has left behind the childhood friends of his realm, who are worried about farming, not interplaniar vengance. He loves his father, and is frustrated that he can not speak to his father when communing with the Su Ancestors (they will not say why he is missing either, or answer any of the heritage questions Lord Su evaded).

Sheerak's undying hatred is for the unamed ones who killed his father, and he has sworn vegence against them by the 6 winds of the Kale Mountains, by the earth and the sky, and by his blade. He does nto know why they came, whether they were after him or his father, or even whether his father is alive or not.

WIP Sheet
M NN Tiefling Monk12//Samurai12, Level 12, Init +2, HP +48/+48, Speed 30
AC 29, Touch 27, Flat-footed 27, Fort +15, Ref +15, Will +15, Base Attack Bonus 12/7/7
(+2 Dex, +2 Natural, +15 Misc)
Abilities Str 29, Dex 15, Con 24, Int 17, Wis 25, Cha 19
Condition None

i told you about making characters at the last minute

i told you dawg


The Sacred Scarlet Adventuring Company
A Prime force to be reckoned with

"We're in the business of solving incidents and trust us, business is booming."

Rain Ever-Dreaming,
The Sacred Scarlet Sovereign Speaker

Race: Aasimar
Tome Sohei 5/Enlightened Disciple 7//Cleric 3/Church Inquisitor 7/Contemplative 1/Master of Snake Mountain Godspeaker 1
Speaker for The Sacred Scarlet Adventuring Company
Alignment: Neutral Good
Role: Solving incidents, with side dishes of Tanking and full Divine Spellcasting

"I don't care if you believe in my gods or not, you'll see they're real soon enough."

Scarlette Sanguine,
The Eternal Conflagration

Race: Vampire Aasimar
Sorcerer 5/Ogre Infernal Mage 5//Fire Mage 9/Vampire Paragon 1
Sacred Scarlet Troublemaker
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Role: Making things explode. And creating minions. But mostly making things explode.

"You look amusing. Try not to break like the other ones."

Athene Dunamis,
The Heightened Soul of Duty

Race: Hobgoblin
Monk 10//Barbarian 10
Sacred Scarlet Enforcer
Alignment:Lawful Neutral
Role: Being a living, nigh-unkillable Cuisinart.

"There is nothing I cannot cut. Press further and learn that firsthand."

Circe Dunamis,
The Charming Soul of Dominance

Race: Ghost (Was Feytouched)
Conduit 6/Ghost 2//Master of the Unseen Hand 4/True Fiend 4
Sacred Scarlet Trickster
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Role: Information gathering and fun with Telekinesis.

"Why did I help you? Well that's just who I am this week."


The Prodigy of Malar

Name: Efferous
Race: Feral Razorclaw Shifter
Fleshing this out
Alignment: Chaotic

Description: Efferous is a massively built Shifter who stands mid six feet tall. He has impressive bulk which is covered in an innumerable criss-crossing of scars. Strangely for a Shifter he has little coverage of hair, it is as though his feral nature is at odds with how he is and looks.

Coming Soon to a thread near you.


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