Shades of Grey (OOC)

Hi all, hopefully my character sheet is done right

Kadal could have met anyone on their many travels/his many travels. It's likely he and Travok had some good times and set out together now that they are both looking for work

Zellos, that sounds good to me.

Willow is quite spiritual as well (though animal spirits and the spirit of the hunt rather then your type )

So that would work well, expecially if you also have met kadal before.

In the meantime, Willow would have been finding work around the dockyards. Her tribe being a nomadic family (though in ships rather then caravans).

It's now 0100, so I'm off to bed, I'll check what you've come up with and add a few thoughts as well

Ohh ... and welcome aboard Huntyr

Taking a quick read through this thread, its almost seeming logical, that it could be 2 groups that bump into each other at a tavern, Willow, Travok & Kadal being one group (perhaps the one with a plan lol) And Thorn, Ashara & Samm being the other, knowing each other through previous wanderings/adventures, or just sitting around swapping stories of adventure. Would that make sense to people?

Wow I go to work for a day and the forum explodes! Hi to all the new players. I'm Lola I'll be playing Ashara.
I know Zellos and Fool from rl, so welcome to the new usernames!

As for back story I haven't settled on Ashara's just yet so I don't mind being a total newcomer to all the other characters, but I'm also ok knowing some. It seems most likely that I would know Samm. Since I think Ashara is going to be a dock rat child she might have seen him/heard of him- perhaps through the captain that is hunting him. but that's not to say he would know her.

Anyway I'm off to make stew/ finish off Ashara's looks and past life!

Just to focus things a bit, I like Random's suggestion. So, when the game begins, Willow, Travok and Kadal will be together and Thorn, Ahsara and Samm will be together elsewhere.

Also, Huntyr, I noticed you have no deity listed. That's fine but just bear in mind, it's highly unusual among the mungo.

ok given the other two in my group like to drink I vote we are in a tavern. You two getting your drink on and I will be doing my thing. Samm shall we say we know each other in passing having bumped into one another on the docks for years? and Thorn, I will also know you in passing, through the tavern scene in the dockside towns. Work for you guys? If you two want to know each other further even better.

That's all good with me RP

Hi Lola :0

Willow would probably have seen you about, working on fishing boats as an experienced sailor, so she may have a "nodding" relationship with you, as she would with most of those working on the docks.

SO ... since her work for the day has finished, she will be meeting Travok and Kadal in the tavern for dinner ... as it seems to be most days now.

@ RP, are you happy with us to have some "creative" writing within the campaign. So if we went to an Inn which we frequented (or one we hadn't been to at all), are you happy with us filling in details if you haven't provided them already.

eg: After you tell us we enter an Inn called the "Cog and Clockwork." ...Willow looks over at the Innkeeper, a Prognatus, ... ahhh, that is why this Inn is called the "Cog and Clockwork she thinks to herself.

Or for a place we frequent, something like ...

... After her long hard day of pulling in nets, Willow enters the Crown and Mermaid, waves to Gregor the bald human innkeeper and attempts to give Carmel, his half-elf wife and barmaid, a hug as she enters. Carmel backs away from her with a smile, "No 'ugs for you me darlin' until you have a bath. Go on now, I've just run a fresh one for you." Willow laughs at her and heads for the room out the back.

She sees Travok is already here at their normal table and she waves to him, him smiling at the hug and bath charade. "Be back soon," she mouths at him, but he knows that "bath" and "soon" are not words to be used in the same sentence by the shifter. She nods at the various dock hands and sailors she has seen around the docks, quite a few of them also regulars at the "Mermaid".

After washing, Willow leans back and relaxes in the hot water, soothing her aching muscles.

Willow thinks of the Crown and Mermaid as her second home, more like my first really she thinks aloud.

Her other home is not much more then a bed and small bedside table, and a common room with three other bedrooms leading off of it ...)

Willow drags herself out of the water when it stars getting tepid, drys herself off and pulls out a clean set of clothes from her backpack. She puts her dirty clothes in a small sack and puts the sack in her backpack, then heads out to the common room.

That degree of role-playing is exactly what I'm looking for, with one caveat: named islands. I don't have details on them on the site yet but the islands do have stories and histories and the like (for example, ash elves come from Illeh Shar, pari live on Plenta Marosa and most crown elves life on The Twins). That's not to say you can't include them, just don't go making up capitals cities and cultures and ecologies for them

However, one of the RP heavy things about the setting is that there are literally thousands of islands too small to be displayed on the proper map so you can make up islands all you want. This world isn't totally finished so feel free to add unexplained/unexplored details and the such. I try my hardest to be a "Yes" GM.

Also, sorry for the delay in getting things started but other than feeling unwell, I've rewritten the first adventure. I realized it had elements that some people may be uncomfortable with (fighting against children and teenagers) and the re-written adventure is much better (in my opinion at least) anyway.

Nice one

I think we're all chomping at the bit to get started


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