Rock Fortress


The kobold wizard seems reluctant to answer anything, perhaps waiting for Jared and Allyria to drop and/or move away from their weapons first. The slink and krenshar follow Guan Yu closely to make sure he isn't planning anything.

Allyria frowns. She hadn't had time to use her weapon, she had forgotten that the kobold would think it a threat. With a shrug, she kicks it away from herself.

John twitches a little as the fire smolders on his body.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

The skill/save/ability check 'Intimidate' was not found for 161291 I know I don't have actions left for this, but it's still fun.

ZhuGuan stares down the two warry assailants that are standing before him. His arms still folded the tall half-elf stares down at the small diminutive figures that had caused them so much trouble just now. The krenshar's vile visage still disturbs him despite it's unhealthy appearance. Whatever effect the pitcher had on him did seemed to still affect it. The two creatures don't seem impressed despite his looming form.

The slayer looks at t the scene. Need to check to see if Jack's ok. His burns don't look too bad although he doesn't appear to be breathing. That bothers the half-elf. Two deaths, one day in. What chance do we really have? A sigh escaped his lips and a upset look crossed his face. Maybe he's ok. ZhuGuan wasn't hopeful.

After Allyria kicks her weapon away, Jared reluctantly also drops his rod. He doesn't like the idea, but he knows how close they all came to death at the hands of this kobold clan. The kobold wizard commands his flaming ball to roll off to a corner - putting it a comfortable distance away, but he isn't ready to let go of his powerful tool. He maintains his concentration as he regroups with the others to talk to the tomb raiders that have come into his home.

John Clarke's body seems to disintegrate as Vicky moves to check on him. She's never seen anything quite like it. The body begins to crumble to dust which swirls around and vanishes into the ring. The ring then also seems to fade from sight as if it had never been real.


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