Chapter 1b: Blue Milk Delivery

Orin snapped into action immediately, his face and posture going rigid yet somehow unreadable. At Blayne's speedy dismissal, Orin turned and ran back to the Sanction. He knew the competency of his crew, so the thought to discourage the betting never entered his mind. The words flew past him as he boarded the ship and joined Kel in the cockpit.

"Remember what I said about not scratching her?" Orin asked levelly. "Forget I said it. Just get us out of here."

Gaarl growls something to the effect of, "Not if I blast them first or they hit a rock." For all his enlightenment, Zideyl was still just like his slaver kin when it came to brash arrogance. The only reason the wookiee didn't actively wish for the empire to take him down a peg was the self-interest of flying in the same craft.

Running at full speed, fur flying afterward, Gaarl flings himself bodily down the tunnel to the ion cannon turret. The heavy weapon is too slow to take out any of the TIEs without luck, and not powerful enough to score any real damage against an Interdictor. He might try a few pot shots, but for the most part his brain was already working on the puzzle of where best to target an Action VI.

Zideyl didn't understand the wookie but he didn't sound angry or worried so he gave the big furball a smile, "That's the spirit, let's shoot them out of the sky." Zideyl rushes to the gun tubes and climbs up to the cannon turret and straps himself in. Doing a systems check to make sure he was ready to blast at some TIEs once the ship left the docking bay and they were zooming among the asteroids.

The instant the last man in has closed the door behind them, Kel initiates the procedures to disengage from the Huntress and make their escape before it's too late. The instant they've disengaged, the thrusters fire up and she spins the 'Sanction around, angling for the fastest and cleanest escape route from the asteroid field...

The Midnight Sanction roars away from the Huntress, flying through a momentary gap in the asteroids, heading towards an imposing cluster of rapidly spinning ice rocks. Kel and Orin are occupied with the controls, unable to pay much attention to the chaotic sensor data displayed before them. There is a tense few moments as the transponders of half a dozen Rebel and Imperial fighters all broadcast on the display at the same time, and then there is a brief flicker as the Death Trap's flares onto the scene.

Zideyl and Gaarl are privy to a much more amazing and frightening display...

Red and green laser fire flashes against the blackness of space. Nimble fighters joust and jink for position, turning and spinning and looping around the Nebulon-B, and each other. The Zygerrian and the Wookie catch a glance for just a moment of a trio of TIE Fighters breaking off the main group. The three Imperial fighters fly into the asteroid field away from the fray at unbelievable speed. There is a bright flash of light, an explosion...

then the three TIE Fighters disappear from your visual scanning. Visual scanning is almost useless now as the asteroid field spins in your vision as Kel does a quick turn. The targeting computer is your only hope if the TIE Fighters survive the field and come after you.

Orin can grimly confirm that the navigation computer is detecting a gravity well in this entire area, even though there is no planetary body nearby. So long as the 'Sanction remains inside the gravity well, escape to hyperspace will be impossible...

Gaarl blinks as the whirl of fire and ice swirls across his visual field. His dextrous left hand is already on the move, switching on the targeting computer and taking advantage of the grid-screen's improved precision to locate the rapidly moving enemies. If that Y-wing would just move obligingly out of the way, he might have a chance to squeeze off a shot...

Dice Roll: 1d20+18
d20 Results: 16 (Total = 34)
Use Computer

Zideyl let out a whistle at the fight, envying the fighter pilots freedom and opportunity to fight the Empire. He wanted to be able to do that but not right now. Right now he had to make sure this ship and its crew made it out of the gravity well so they could escape. For now he let loose a few pot shots at any TIEs he saw or at the massive interdictor itself if absolutely nothing to shoot was available. He spoke into the comms headset as he whistled again, "You should see this fight guys... a truly impressive sight. A shame we have to leave... keep it steady Kel. I think I might have a shot here in a sec."

I can't take any actions if no targets are available so I guess I do nothing this round.

"Should see the craters on this asteroid, Zid," Kel quips back, yanking the controls left and right to dodge asteroids. "If I watch the fight, you'll get to see them real close." Hence why she isn't paying attention to the light show outside and is focused purely on the trajectory, velocity and mass of the spinning rocks in front of her, busily working her brain overtime to assess whether she'll be able to slide Midnight Sanction in between the spaces left available without getting crushed.

This was going to be tight, and there ain't nowhere else to go... "Hold on!" She yells through the comms and braces herself and there's a huge shudder and crunch of metal on the side of the ship...

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