OOC Thread

Nice, I always loved the flavor of the Killoreen.

Orcs can be civilized, I dislike being grouped with all the left overs :=P

I should also note that I don't restrict what alignment you play. Pragmatic evil is acceptable, though you might not be looked on very favorably by other players or npc's. And I do except some soloing to occurs occasionally.

Originally Posted by Siberys View Post
The Dwarf takes exception to that comment.
lol, and?

This Orc is educated and a Noble :=P..

@Taxellor, Not off the top of my head, what are you trying to build and which race?? There are a few feats that kinda get around that.

Actually, Draconic Heritage (Red) does. From Complete Arcane

@ Phoerix: Skillpoints from higher int, retrospective when int is raised? or...


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