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Should we find a 7th player character?
No, leave it at 6. 2 66.67%
Yes, let's bring in a 7th player. 1 33.33%

Party Number Poll

Here's the poll I mentioned in the OOC thread.

You can also discuss it below if you like, to try to sway the others one way or the other...

Please respond ASAP, the poll will close in 15 days.

Thanks, Flea

I voted for 7, but I'm not really sure. I personally think 6 is a fine number. In fact, 7 may be too much for a party.

However, since this is an online game, there will be periods where one or more players can't respond for a shorter or longer period. If, say, 3 players can't post (this has happened before), we're down to 3 which is a bit few to run this game. 7 gives us a bit more "resilience", so Flea doesn't have to act for both the opposition and half the party. At the same time, it drags the game slightly down with too many players.

In the end, I'm really unsure myself, but I'm slightly in favor of 7.

I chose to keep it at 6 from a gamer pov as like flea said it could take awhile for another play to show up and i know if it was me I would want to play asap but that just my opinion.

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