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The Thundering Wolves
Founding: Strategic Prognostication, Unknown date of Origin
Geneseed: Space Wolves, Altered Stock, Lost Zygote (Betcher’s Gland)
Chapter Flaw: Eye to Eye
Chapter Characteristic Modifiers: As Space Wolves.
Chapter Hero: Chief Librarian Ivars, who slew a daemon prince but was lost in the warp in the ensuing conflagration, to this day his closest battle brothers and students believe he will return as part of Leman Russ’ personal guard.

Home World: Verde Tempus, Medieval World, Temperate, Stewardship

Organization: Unique, Close Combat Doctrine
Status: Overstrength
Chapter Ally/Enemy: Verde Tempus Guard (Including elite Einharjer Heavy Infantry)/ Thousand Sun Chaos Marines
Battle Cry: “Blood, Steel, and Thunder!”
Heraldry and Livery: White Wolf on a Black Field, White trimmed Black Livery

Solo Mode Ability: Wolf Senses
Squad Attack Pattern: Storm of Hell
Squad Defense Pattern: Swift Advance
Specialty Restrictions: No Apothecaries
Special Equipment: Blessed Wargear
Unique Quality: Automatically start with Rivalry (Ultramarines). While perfectly willing to follow a strong and skilled leader regardless of their chapter of origin the Wolves are almost pathologically incapable of dogmatic acceptance. Not actual innovators, they will however take an accepted tactic or piece of equipment and use it in unusual ways and their unique, almost tribal structure makes t hem more difficult to control but also a more fluid reactive force on the battlefield.

Beliefs and Culture: Esoteric, the chapter believes that Holy Terra was the seat of the Imperium in it’s birth but as the god-emperor was a warrior when he reawakens he is likely to make his seat of power somewhere else with more strategic import, they believe their storm racked home world, with it’s eerily beautiful green skies would make a fine choice.

Verde Tempus is a world that is feral, on the cusp of medieval, with a highly developed caste system with a distinctive focus on honor in battle to the point where their armed forces have sacrificed unassailable defensive positions for the glory of a risky, but glorious charge. The Wolves’ stewardship is an odd one, local leaders can and do call on the aerie fortress that serves as the chapter house, and in the rare instances when the entire chapter is called out defense and maintenance of the aerie falls to a warrior woman caste called the Walkyrie, monastic warrior-healers who are often found attached to the planet’s military units as combat medics. Additionally the leadership of the different tribes of natives is usually a triumvirate, consisting of a younger warrior being groomed, a chieftan, and a “gode” or priest whose duty is to interpret omens, perform rituals venerating the “all father” and intercede on behalf of the people for the favor of their interpretation of the god emperor.

Physically the humans of Verde Tempus are on the extreme high end of physical size and strength catalogued on worlds that are not officially classified as being high g planets. Tending to have the broad build and features that for reasons lots to biologis magi are called Nordic, and coloration that tends towards fair skin, lightly colored eyes, and hair that ranges from an almost platinum blonde to red, auburn, and lighter shades of brown.
It should be noted that in addition to lacking the Betcher’s gland typical to all space marines the Thundering Wolves also lack the distinctive tusks of the Space Wolves, though they do have the distinctive feature of somewhat more pointed ears than usual for a human.

Natives of Verde Tempus often use the Tempus Mountain Wolf as a symbol, this beast is significantly (as much as 70%) larger than exemplars of wolves found on Holy Terra and is a consummate ambush predator due to it’s agility and supine grace and high degree of intelligence. It is this wolf which the chapter uses on it’s livery, distinctive for the large neck ruff, and adaptation that allows the creature to survive in the cold of the higher mountains while also providing a degree, however small, of protection against the bites and claws of other predators.

The Wolves continue many of the traditions of their progenitor chapter the space wolves, including a love of ritual dueling which they perform typically before battle to “call to their blood” and after battle to honor the fallen. It should also be noted that while the Thundering Wolves chapter could not truly be called innovators, and they will follow any skilled leader regardless of chapter, their tendency to “fit the tool to the plan” and almost elemental inability to show dogmatic acceptance causes them to have a significant rivalry with the sons of Ultramar, who consider them even more flagrant in their disobedience to the Codex than the Space Wolves.

Noted Sons:

Chief Librarian Ivars: A battle brother of some repute, even as a young rune priest, Ivars was noted for his calm and discipline, marshaling his bloodlust to causes instead of losing himself to it in battle. After a typically brutal battle alongside a force of Imperial Guard in which he witnessed the miracle of the Emperor’s favor shine on a soldier who recited hymns in His name, sparing the soldier’s life despite suffering wounds a battle brother would be hard pressed to survive, Ivars took up the behavior of reciting or singing hymns to the God Emperor in battle. This practice is given some credit for his victory in battle against a prince of the god of blood and rage. Witnesses claim that the very faith of Ivars wounded the warp creature nigh as much as the battle brother’s force weapons. The warp storm that flared briefly after the final blow left no trace of the Chief Librarian, his battle brothers believe despite being taken he will return at Leman Russ’ side one day when the need is greater than calculation.
Captain Khulaine: Currently Captain of the first company, Khulaine lives by the creed “first in, last out”. In fact the veteran company often acts more like scouts or assault marines, a role that they relish in that it allows them to find the heaviest fighting. Khulaine himself is a man of prodigious size even for a battle brother, having to have had his armor fitted for him by a brother techmarine when only a pup. In battle he can be found at the fore, wielding duel power axes, his brothers jokingly call him farmer Khul for the way he reaps and harvests the bodies of the enemy.

Sergeant Arno: Arno was never a space marine, he was a Sergeant of the Einharjer Heavy Infantry. He is honored by the brothers of the Thundering Wolves for his sacrifice. In a joint action against the defiled brothers of the Thousand Suns Chaos Marines he was separated from his unit and linked up with then Sergeant Khulaine’s fire team on the way to an objective, namely the destruction of a supply depot believed vital to the heretic enemy’s logistical flexibility. The fire team was at one point pinned down by heavy sniper fire and the team would have likely been held in place long enough for enemy reinforcements to arrive if Arno had not taken it upon himself to draw fire, exposing the sniper in time for Khulaine to take them with a bolter round and continue the mission. For this and other valorous acts worthy of a battle brother Sergeant Arno’s name has been recorded in the chapter’s histories.

Chapter Master Logan: Called Greydeath by younger battle brothers, this is no jest but a name he has earned, old enough for age to grey him, Logan is a canny old fighter who relies as much on his insights gained on a thousand thousands of battlefields as on the raw power of his soldiers. When possible his favorite maneuver is to use scouts or assault marines to give an enemy a “parting shot” after a skirmish, only to draw them in to the killzone of a larger, more heavily armed portion of the Chapter’s forces. Off the field of battle he has the typical gregarious good nature of his Chapter and willingly will expound on tactics, strategy, the benefits and weaknesses of certain weapons, or the joy of warm ale after a good fight with any battle brother who has proven himself.

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