ROSHA THAN'DURCorel Tempesta, Bastion of the Rahyr outpost
There is a middle-aged human warrior, quite tall and broad-shouldered with grey eyes and short brown hair that is graying at the temples and a graying goatee and wearing the blue tabard of the rahyr. You recognize him as Corel Tempesta, Bastion of the Undercity outpost. Speaks in Navy.

Erifex Schema, Head of the Nosotros Refectorium
A short, young woman with spiky black hair, dark brown eyes and a labret and nose ring. Dressed in the robes of a Nosotros…
THE CRIMSON FALCON Taysha Basaraba, Captain of The Crimson Falcon
The one that seems to be in charge is a tall, attractive woman who is clearly in good physical shape. She has medium length brown hair that she wears down and loose and is dressed in fine clothing in blacks, whites and redr, adorned with silver skulls for jewelry. She bears an eye patch over her right eye and speaks clearly with a very proper, upper class accent. On her hips, you can see a cutlass with what appears to be a blade made of onxy and a main-gauche with a blood red blade. Speaks in Red.

Alessio DeLucca, First Mate
…this man strides confidently and with purpose, immediately scanning the tavern as though he is looking for someone. He is a handsome man with strong features, bright, almond eyes and short brown hair that parts in the middle. He has a well-trimmed goatee and dresses in scholarly robes beneath leather armor covered in straps and pouches. Speaks in FireBrick.

Casiphia Starspinner, Navigator
…a very pale woman with short, silver hair and large, bright violet eyes. She is dressed in dark grey and black robes that expose her cleavage and splits at the waist, exposing her legs. She is holding a spear whose twin-bladed top burns with chilling, blue flame. She leans against the spear, her hip cocked to the side and her head tiled slightly as she converses with the other two. There is something about her that is both beautiful and unnatural and you find it difficult to reconcile the feeling. Speaks in Mediumvioletred.

Mr. Slate, Surgeon
… a man dressed head to toe in black robes with a black hood, his hands covered in black, leather gloves, one holding a simple black cane. Upon his head he wears a simple, wide brimmed black hat and upon his face, he wears a stylized, pure white bird mask and black goggles. No part of his skin, hair or eyes can be seen beneath his outfit and instead of speaking with the other two, his responses are scrawled with chalk on a small piece of slate.

Dax, Cook
"...a young woman, a freckled redhead with pale, green eyes and a button nose, dressed in plain, green clothing with an apron..."

Gerhardt, Crew member
"...a middle aged man named with a shaved head, thick, salt-and-pepper handle-bar moustache and a muscled torso and arms covered in nautical tattoos..."
NETHICARBaron Fale Sorrowind, Baron of Nethicar
Fale Sorrowind has an angular face with high cheek bones and a roman nose and has no facial hair. His wide eyes are ever shifting, with a black iris and red pupils and over his mouth and lower nose is a brass mask that attaches, via copper tubes and piping, to a large steam-driven device affixed to his back. The device rises above his head in the back and reaches just below his waist and appears to be grafted to his spine and internal organs, his clothing modified to allow for its presence. Atop his head is a top hat covering his thinning, black hair.

He has an average build although his arms and legs are reinforced with iron brackets to help support his frame and the device upon his back. Despite the presence of the device and frame, he is dressed in a fine black coat with tails beneath which he has a fine, white shirt and dark red suspenders. Although he walks with a cane (made of darkwood with a brass hand holding a skull atop of it), he carries himself with confidence and pride and his very presence, not his appearance, draws your eyes to him effortlessly.
The Baron's MinionsThrale Unther, captain of the wardens
The new figure is tall and lithely muscled, wearing form fitting studded black leather armor beneath an equally dark trench coat. His entire head and neck are covered in leather wrappings, leaving no part exposed, not even his eyes, and across his back is slung a very finely crafted rifle of black and silver metal.

Illumination, head servant
"...a pixyish blonde that reminds you somewhat of Dax, although this girl is clearly far more comfortable with her sexuality..."

Rasputina, Warden
Wrapped in a thick, fur-lined, dark blue cloak, the figure's goggles are on top of their head, their scarf pulled down and you can see that it is a women with pale skin, blonde hair so pale it's almost white and pale icy blue eyes, a woman so pale overall that, if nude, could almost blend in with the snow. She is attractive in a stern way save for the large scar leading from the corner of her right lip and arcing up, giving her a macabre smile.

Viktoria, Warden
The warden is a comely women (a trend you've noticed among the Baron's minions) with long black hair that falls in curly locks from beneath her fur cap, tumbling half way down her back, her eyes a vibrant, almost glowing green above high cheek bones. She has full, peach colored lips that smile surprisingly easily and as she passes the workers, you realized she greets each and every one of them.

Ardashir al-Majid, Merchant
A short but well-built man with expensive clothing, a hooked nose and acquisitive eyes. He carries a falchion strapped to his back and speaks loudly and almost as much as Thorn, laughing frequently at the sorcerer's jokes and asking for "more tricks, more jokes, more magic, my friend!".

Ajaoh, Alpha of the Nethicar Black Isle Loyalist pack
Looking to it, you see a pale woman in black and red leather leggings and a halter top. She is pale, her skin decorated with red tattoos, and there is a feral beauty and grace about her. Her long black hair is tied into dreadlocks with red ribbons and, barefoot, she walks toward you, her hips swaying, her steps light, like a predator hunting its prey. As she gets closer, eyes each of you up and smiles, her canines noticeably prominent.

Ajaoh's PackUnghull, Nethicar Black Isle Loyalist pack member
The leftmost figure is a monster of a man, standing almost as tall as Kadal and covered in hard, toned muscle, hide pants covering his lower body and a thick, fur cloak hanging from his shoulders. His black hair is long and thick, matching his wild, unkempt beard and his right eye is missing, replaced with nothing but scar tissue.

Tahlisha, Nethicar Black Isle Loyalist pack member
Next in line is a slight woman with long blonde hair stretching down to her waist and deep, dark eyes. She wears a leather bra and a flowing skirt that splits at the hips, revealing the smooth flesh of her legs and her wrists, ankles, waist, neck and fingers are adorned with silver jewellery.

Kaiyurn, Nethicar Black Isle Loyalist pack member
On the far right is the slightest of the men, a figure who looks to be of Ong-Ke descent and has hard features and long black hair in a top-knot. He is bare-chested and wears dark colored hakama pants, with a sheathe on his left hip carrying what can only be a katana, supporting the theory of Ong-Ke descent.

Ehrvik, Nethicar Black Isle Loyalist pack member
The last man, the man in the middle, is the one who steps forward. Tall and well muscled, he as well wears nothing more than loose fitting pants cinched with a simple drawstring and his pale flesh is covered in red runes, runes that seem to glow faintly. His dark hair goes down to his jawline and frames his face and, although all four of the strangers are inhumanly beautiful, he is even more so. All four figures bare red tattoos upon their faces that match those you saw upon Ajaoh's.

Rogue's Gallery

@RP These are awesome RP ...

I have just one question ... Where is the bleedin' parrot, is he floating around, on one of the spars ...

Ohh, he could be in the Captain's cabin???

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there's no parrot. I just liked the picture. I knew someone was going to ask about that though...
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And the picture is brilliant

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