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Corrupt A Wish

Granted, but it's a short life. You are reincarnated as a baby jack rabbit, so you can see and hop immediately after being born. So you hop away on a baby jack rabbit adventure ... across a busy highway.


Better start thinking about your next incarnation ....

I wish that my posting schedule coincided with that of all the other players in all my games. That way, when I posted, they'd be right there to reply, and when I wasn't, they wouldn't be twiddling their thumbs waiting for me to hurry up and get to it.

cool- oil and polar bear pelts!

granted: however this is because you have been ejected from all your current games and are only able to get into a pokeman/ Twilight crossover game with people in your own time zone.

I wish I had a spring of miraculous healing water in my backyard.

Congratulations! Your wish has been granted, you now have a spring of miraculous water that heals all physical impairments. Pity about the fact it wipes the memories of any that uses it and reverts them to that of an infant.

I wish that Mordae will give the win to me.

granted, after you play game after game for 50 years he will give you the win.

I wish you all (or at least the Americans) a happy Thanksgiving.

Granted, but I'm Canadian, and already celebrated Thanksgiving a month ago.
(Wow, I really granted a wish, and I really corrupted it! I'm a genius...)

I wish for a bag of Infinite Chocolate Muffins.

Granted, you are now the old fat guy that lives in your mothers basement.

I wish for a rabbit, not the man eating rabbit from Monty Python, just a rabbit.

Granted. It's me, the old fat guy living in my mother's basement, reincarnated as a bunny.

I wish I was invisible.

granted, you are now an invisible fat bunny that nobody remembers to feed

I wish pants had never been invented.

Granted, now everyone in the world wears skirts instead and Irish people are specially happy about it.

I wish I had a book from the future with the results of every sports match for the next 1000 years.

Granted, unfortunately it is a language and numbering system which do not yet exist.

I wish I had a Tardis translation circuit to allow me to communicate with anyone.

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