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I think you misunderstood what I meant. If you were hit by an invisible punch, you wouldn't see the fist doing the punching but the target would clearly show signs of something having been hit by something, which was what I was trying to represent. If I've misunderstood the subtle element of the power considering I'm still new to the M&M rules myself then I'll re-read it later and amend what I've written.

It means that nothing obvious happens when you do it. Things just move on their own, now anyone with super senses or who is REALLY paying attention may see me looking at stuff before it moves, also I think there is some sort of "detection" power that makes it come up. also anyone who has seen me do It before may get real suspicious.

She did move on her own because she lost control of herself. You stated you attacked her, I stated she was hit with your attack. She lost control because she was hurt and ended up going through a wall.

If you want to quote the parts you disagree with and why then I'll review them and make corrections.

seems alright to me, its the part where they quickly pick up on it and start closing on me, but even that is fine they could have lots of ways of knowing what was going on, improved senses are a common power.

I don't believe they were closing on you specifically (although I might not remember reading it correctly) I think they were closing on the group of people as a whole (but still, you punched a girl made out of fire, kind of a crazy thing to do IMO --didn't Adel's parents teach her not to play with fire? (granted they are scientists...)) (and yes, this is my best 'just woke up while being sick' attempt to make a joke)

Having just woken up myself really as I sit at my desk here wanting to fall asleep from boredom due to how uninteresting my work is I realise that you were referring to the water spirit's comments. The water spirit wouldn't have been able to detect who specifically made the attack but knew an attack had happened. The water spirit was actually referring to the character who is obviously emitting that psionic vibe, Catherine, and figures she must have done it. I realise I didn't make myself clear and I apologise. Therefore, I have edited the post to indicate that the water spirit was supposed to be indicating Catherine as the attacker.

The words spoken were "That girl" not "Adel" and yes, it was my fault, that's what I get for being tired when typing, I miss out something obvious, then I try looking over it at work where I'm about to fall asleep from boredom and still struggle to pick up the mistake.

Clearly, I need more time in bed.

^^ see, that makes alot more sense than the way I said it (and I think at first even I thought she was specifying Adel)

ah, then nothing really changes in my post, its just now I'm trying to get them to not attack Cathrin and not myself.


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