Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters

Hey guys,

If you haven't already added your characters' sheets to the game, please do so. The statbloc's listed below are the ones I already have, which means that the rest of you need to add your sheets!

EDIT: Looks like the only one I'm missing is HFLep's.

I posted it in the OOC section. Second post. But here it is, again:

But you didn't add it to the game yet. I know that because it didn't come up when I used the Statbloc function, which (when you're a DM) lists all of the statblocs added to the game.

Thank you sir.

I changed my daily power in my character sheet, so an edit/save of the first post will reflect the current power list for Gruunk.

No problem. I've not even looked at them yet.

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