Requisition for this mission: 55

Let me know what gear you are requisitioning here. Also, if you've got your eye on something with a high value you can beg your teammates for extra points.

Requisition for Camael

Red-dot Sight for Bolt Pistol: 10
Telescopic Sight for Bolter: 6
Kraken rounds x 2: 30
Purity Focus (Chapter trapping): free
Charm: 6

Total used: 52

Preysense Sight for Bolter: 10
Kraken Rounds: 15
Hellfire Rounds: 25

Would I be right to use one of the 3 points that Vox didn't spend to get Eldgrim a Charm?

Requisition for Artemis Marr

Chain Melee Attachment for Bolter: 9
Going to be a space marine Adam West batman
Astartes Harness: 4
Injector: 3
Deadlock(Toxin) : 10
Pain Suppressant : 10
Auspex: 12

this is something i asked permission from the gm. Not going to reveal what's in the vial unless if we really need it's contents. Specially Requisitioned from the Medicae Ward
unmarked metal vial of mystery fluid : 1
Total used: 49

Requisition for Brother Androcles

Astartes Chainsword [5]
Astartes Flamer [10]
Kraken Rounds [15]
Preysense Sight [10]
Astartes Melee Attachment [7]
Charm [6]
Repair Cement (Extra) [1]
Frag Grenade (Extra) [1]
Codex Astartes [Free]
Bolter Rounds [Free]
Flamer Fuel [Free]

Total Used: 55

Ydnar One-Eye's Requisition
Deathwatch Scout Armor: N/A (Replacing Power Armor)
Telescopic Sight for Bolter: 6
2x Stalker Rounds for Bolter: 10
Metal Storm Rounds for Bolter: 15
Hellfire Rounds for Bolter: 25 (Using Tac Ability)
Astartes Frag Grenades x3: 0
Cameleoline Cloak: 20
Astartes Combat Webbing: 3
Total: 54

Kraken Rounds are 15 Req per the errata.

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