Non-DM Party Tactics

Again, I'm pretty much completely certain that we can't double move. For one, we can't really run while trying to hold a shield above our heads (effectively, at least), and for two, I'm pretty sure he's already said that trying to hold the shield is a standard action. Ditto for the battering ram, although if enough of us carry it I can see how we might be able to run with it, although we'd have to roll pretty damn good on our Athletics scores. I am, however, down with setting the kobolds on fire with oil.

We should be able to double-move with the shield and battering rams, and crawl with them as well. There are no restrictions on what you can drag with you while prone. Basically, if you can carry it standing up, you can carry it while prone.

So we could just drag the stuff along the ground with us. There are no restrictions in the rules that deny us this.

My plan, with the crawling, gives us a +4 defense while we get to the edge of the darkness, and then gets us across the open area very quickly. The alternative plan would require us to stay upright the whole time, risking more arrows. Considering that a standard kobold has aboiut a +6 or +7 to hit, that would mean that they'd need to get pretty darn lucky to hit us, if they could hit us at all.

That being said, if everyone just wants to make a run for it, let's do that.

We should settle on two plans, and vote for it. Then we do what gets more votes.

I'd vote for a double move, no crawling. Essentially exactly what Ayeba outlined here. Once up there, three of us use the battering ram to break down the door. Fortune uses area effects to help out. And Nurse throws in what Thievery rolls she can.

The only problem with that plan is the two others using the battering ram have very low Athletics checks (like +1 at best). They might be able to do aid another though so successes count as bonuses and failures only a penalty (not a skill challenge failure). If we do that though, it's only two skill challenge checks a round then (thievery and athletics). He never said how many successes we need. Let me ask.

Hmm, DannoE's answers give me little comfort. I'm not crazy about my own aid another idea. Maybe we just stick with skill checks.

In that case, do anyone mind that I post in the IC thread with that plan?

Okay, I can do that anyway, but in character I really don't want to piss of a certain half-drow half-demon. It's not healthy.

Yeah, I think this plan will work just fine, especially if my History check works out well.

I've revised our original plan after we've learned some new information.

The kobolds went down much easier than expected, and that's good. Because those vats are our greatest threat at the moment. We are fairly certain a single kobold can't lift a vat. However, if we move into cover, only two can fire at us, the rest will have nothing better to do than run over to the vats and empty the contents on top of our heads.

We don't actually have to stress taking down the gates if the kobolds are no longer a threat.

I suggest that you move up to the gate, keeping to the left. Then, shoot down the kobolds on top of the towers, to reduce the numbers that can hit you. Since you take your turns in order, target the two kobolds again and again until they are hit and dead.

The problem is that there is still a lot of kobolds alive on the east side of the gate, and they can move and empty the vats (probably a standard action) in a single round. By keeping to the left, I'm hoping to minimize that damage. With some luck, the living kobold on the far left (assuming my 14 against Will hit) can't reach the vat and empty it this round. If you kill the archer on the left tower gate, we don't need to rely on luck -- he can't lift it alone anyway.

Perhaps Gruunk could keep holding a tower shield in that direction, possibly reflecting some of the boiling oil if necessary?

Next round Fortune will use another Dishearten on the kobolds on the east side of the gate, hopefully taking down another 3 or more.

Would it be worth it for Tarner to drop his shield and start blasting away as well? Or should he keep the shield up and help his friends?

Keep the shield. And they're not friends.

Wait, are we even carrying the battering ram anymore? Or is Eduardo the only person holding it?

Friends, teammates, whatever. Don't be so pedantic. :P

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