People of OoWarai Kawazoi Mura

People of OoWarai Kawazoi Mura

~Wip~ this does differ from the Camp your in!

The Village itself

Above is what could be best called a border town. Buildings hailing from almost every culture of the empire can be seen. Or at least, the insperations of those culturess. The most prevelant style is that of the Unicorn, some of the buildings even being tent like structures that have obvously been there for a long period of time. Tattered banners hang from poles through out. The colors and mons of a dozen or more familys of the empire hang from the many buildings. While there are some rough clan colors on the people walking the strerts, there are no obvous representations of clan membership amongst people.

There is quite a bit of bustle to the town, farmers trading grain for tools. You can see into some of the buildings where there are drinking and games going on. Many on the street seem to be peasants, but a number also carry weapons. Some even parts of daisho, with a minority a full pair of blades. Unlike the camp below that had a comunity that lived with in it, this place was alive with the comunity within it. The very buildings seem to chatter to one another.

Hanji, runs security of the village and surounding area. Gruff and perhaps crude, he looks like he might have fit in around Crab lands. He and his closest enforcers are all quite large. Some of his men are guards, others closer to thugs. Some of his comments put his social position in question...

Gotzu is the closest thing to a political leader in the area. While people might not fear him as people fear Hanji, he does seem to have their respect. Given how he speaks and dresses, let alone acts, it is very likely that he has Unicorn blood in his heritage. He is a very curious and knowledge seeking individual

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