Private Chat - Keramane

Adil pauses clearly pondering what to do between following what the rules say and about not wanting to turn down the request of one of the students at the school. Megumi's look makes it extremely difficult for him to resist but not wanting to appear as if he has caved in so easily, "I don't see the harm in staying up longer. After all, how can our future generations learn about the world if we keep them caged up in the dorms all the time. It would be such a tragedy and one that I can't let befall such a young maiden who has her heart set on enjoyinga pleasant walk around the grounds. Perhaps I should join you ad make sure you are protected. It would be an honour and a privilege to help you if I can."

Sara smiles playfully, "Oh yes. We could use the help of a strong and noble gentleman such as yourself. I hear there are all sorts of dangers about and I get scared so easily."

Adil tries hard to appear as if he hasn't noticed the lack of clothes on Sara though it's obvious he has noticed but appears to be in control of his facial expressions making it appear as ifsuch things are of no interest to him.

Megumi pauses a moment and gives a little nod. Having a teacher about would likely help with matters for sure. So, she glanced about again for any trouble areas that would require some intervention.

Megumi can see that there's a fight going on at the boys dorms of which Sam is involved in. That seems to be the major incident going on right now.

"There are people fighting in the boys dorm." Megumi turning to head that way on foot. She knew that Sam was able to handle himself, usually, and that in a blink, she could be there, but she wasn't sure if she could bring everyone at once with her teleportation. She weighed the options a little, considered her current excess strength from her meal earlier and nods, setting herself to the task.

OOC: I would say that you can only teleport two of them. So, which two will it be?


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