The Long Awaited Reforms

The Long Awaited Reforms

Summery of Changes:
No Tome Ninja

No Voidwalker

Sphere SLAs still cost exp.

Feats that Grant a new ability score to a save REPLACE the old score. (IE - Insightful Reflexes gives you Int. to Reflex saves, but you LOSE dex to reflex save.)

Feats that do the same thing Tome/WoTC do not stack. (so Tome Iron Will + Iron Will does NOT give you +5 to will.)

You cannot have a
this includes spells, Divine Grace type, profane, divine, insight, and luck bonuses
Magic Mod. to your save higher then the Base Save.

The Favourite Enemy Skill for the Tome Ranger now read like this:


After a lot of debate, going over everyone CTs, and trying to figure out exactly what to do, we have come up with this short list.

We also came up with a much longer, much more restrictive "balancing" list, but would rather keep it to as few as possible. These few changes should address some of the most "game breaking" issues we've run into so far. If after I run the first Story Mission, there is still a crazy amount of PC disparity, we might have to do another revision. (I really hope not, as its a lot of grunt work, and not very fun )

Cheers all.

Originally Posted by Jreece View Post
At levels 6,12,and 18, the Ranger may also select a "Special Ability" associated with one of his Favourite Enemies.
I'd like to clarify if this means that the Ranger, at best, can now have three such special abilities?

How does this affect Natural Predator?

It does not effect Natural Predator. That ability functions normally.

So, at best, a ranger can have 3 CONSTANT abilities, but can pick up 3 more "temporary" ones, to suit the situation.

These reforms do not lift any previous bans on classes. Stormlord, Sohei, and Shadow Walker are all still banned.

In lieu of heavy-handed nerfage (for fear of making things too "4e") we, the DMs, are asking you to keep your ACs and Saves "reasonable".

Note: if an optimized, but not "cheater-level-optimized" NPC of your HD can not hit you on a 15+, then your AC is probably too high. If a similiar NPC's spells/effects require you to botch, your saves are too high.
Note II: you may have two "defenses (AC, Fort, Ref, and Will) that are "too high".

Simple enough? This post does not invalidate the higher posts

Out of curiosity, what is Voidwalker? I don't recall that class.

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