Chat and Doom

Chat and Doom

Look, it's the obligatory ooc thread.

Ah, yes, an immature specimen of the well known Obliggitus Out-of-characterus. Well, we'll soon have his bloightah up to size, eh?

Oh man, I totally should change the name of the thread now.

Ah, I love player excitement. I'm adding as much information as I can tonight so people can start thinking on characters.

I've got buckets of excitement! And all the threads you're putting up are very helpful. I've got a strong leaning already for my character. :-)

Ah, great. I think I've provided enough information to get people started. At least I hope so. I'm here to help in any way I can.

Info you put up so far is great. I like the warning system on inactivity. It will keep things moving along.

Do you think we should develop a second common link other than the Exchange amongst characters?

If so, we should probably work that out before any of us goes too far in character design.

You notice the thread for the Group Template Questionnaire? Those questions are specifically designed to help you guys do just that!

Also, edubs - you want to actually accept that game invite!


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