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Where did I put that?

Where did I put that?

A thread for sharing about the strange places that misplaced items have been found, and the story of how they got there, if you have it.
The classic of course, is the person who looks everywhere for their glasses, only to find that they were wearing them all along.

To begin:

My friend was looking everywhere for his glasses and found them... in the freezer! I guess he was more than a little absent-minded that day!

The coffee jar was once found in the toilet room at my house. No idea who put it there, or why.

Who never lost a sock, leaving only a celibate sock in the drawer that you're reluctant to throw in the garbage? I've lost many socks, leaving quantities of celibate. Usually, I use blue socks, sometimes with different patterns, but they are still usable with other blue socks to form a new pair.

But THOSE socks were forest green, wool socks, given by my mother, and I LOVED them. So I was all worried that time when I came back from doing my laundry, and found only one of them! I kept it in my drawer for a few MONTHS.

Until one day my mother have been doing some laundry, and she sent me to pick up the clothes on the clothesline, and there it was, between two towels! I was WTF??? I picked it, bringed it back inside, and checked in my drawer: his twin was still there!

I never knew where this sock went for months. Perhaps was it stuck in the washing machine. Perhaps my (late) mother found it and played me a joke.

heh. My friend lost her phone. The next day it showed up in her freezer.

I'm fairly sure you can see where this is going...
Lost my glasses, so I started looking for them. Failed to locate them, and didn't have much time left. Found my spare pair of glasses, and decided to just wear those. Tried to put them on...

Lost a cd, and located it over a year later in a freezer at a friends house during an overnight game of Civilization (I'm still not sure how it got there...).

Freezers are getting to be a theme! Thanks for sharing, folks. Keep 'em coming, folks and happy holidays.

I once lost my phone. Then I called my dad, asking him to call my phone so I could find it.

Instead he asked me if I was doing drugs.

Aw, those are sweet family moments... just like the old "talk to your kids about drugs" commercials. LOL What did you tell him, and were you able to get him to call your phone?

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