Approved Characters for Play

Approved Characters for Play

Note: this does not include cohorts unless you see their name beside yours:

Xuluit Zilil, Tristram -- Evedgebah
Jaezred,Errevin -- TravelLog
Ned'Cirannis, Gul -- Ikul
Golhyrr an'Falann -- Wippit Guud
Gthshulaj -- Kenas
Vel'drizyne -- LKA

Pending Approval
Belar -- Aragorn
Illivarra -- Mishra

And all Cohorts not listed above.

If you think one of your cohorts or PC is ready to go, but not on this list, post here, I will check it over the next 24h, and either add it here, or comment on your thread why it is not approved yet.

Both my Cohorts are ready to go. As far as I know. The only thing to change would be items.

Cohorts arent being approved till Pcs are. (working down the list of priority so to speak)

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