Exploring the Ship: Artemis

Artemis seizes the servitor, armor servos straining as the thing struggles to free itself. Magdalena drops the bolter, drawing a blade from beneath her robes. Air around the weapon shimmers with the slight distortion of a power field. She charges the servitor, aiming a powerful thrust.

Artemis' vision is briefly obscured by a spray of blood and ichor as Magdalena's blade bursts through the servitor's neck. The servitor twitches then goes limp in the Space Marine's arms.

Magdalena sheathes her weapon. "My Lord, are you all right?" She glances at the pinhole wounds the servitor had made in his armor.

Only my pride. Do not worry about me sister, as i heal quickly. Even as he spoke, Artemis could feel his wounds close. However some of his injuries will require some medical attention to heal completely, That can wait for now. He must apraise his brothers of the situation first.

Artemis opened a vox to the other Astartes. Brothers, this is Apothecary Marr. I am afraid I have sustained some injuries defending the medicae ward. Nothing serious, but I will see to them first, just to be certain. I will join you on the bridge as soon as I am able.

As Artemis prepared his narthecium for injecting several restorative drugs and pain killers, he asks Have these servitors caused any other trouble, sister? Some foul influence is behind this attack and i swear to the Emperor I will get to the root of it. Ugh
Artemis proceeded to inject the narthecium unto one of the medical access ports in his breastplate.
His attempt to heal himself was innefective

She shakes her head. "As I understand it, they were behaving erratically for awhile now, but nothing this serious before." She watches Artemis's motions intently. "The things those servitors were saying. . .my Lord, do you think it's Chaos?" Her hands flutter up into the sign of the aquila.

Chaos. That corrupting force, is the root of many heresy, and can defile the most noblest of those in the Imperium.

Artemis stood up from the medicae bed, cringing from the sharp pain in his chest from the servitor attacks. He will have have to attend to his wounds later. If there is a possible taint of Chaos on the ship, the apothecary cannot waste worrying about his own weaknesses.
Let us hope not, Sister, for if that is the case, Emperor save us all.

Heltz and I had an interesting conversation. Tell me, what you can of the engineers who were supposed to be monitoring these heretical servitors, and the incarcerated new crewman, Bennex?

"Very little I'm afraid, my Lord. I do not associate with the Tech Adepts unless absolutely necessary. As for Crewman Bennex, I went to see him soon after he was put into the brig. We spoke briefly; I was simply there to ask if he required any blessing before he was turned over the Mechanicus."

She smooths a wrinkle in her robes. "He was adamant of his innocence; of murder, not of the killing. He claims it was self defense. I'm no Arbite, my Lord, but I think I have some ability to see the truth in men's hearts and separate it from what comes out of their mouths. He doesn't strike me as a murderer, my Lord."

Apothecary Marr listened as he bent down and picked up his weapons he dropped on the ground. He removed the clip and thumbed a few spare bolts into it from one of his ammo pouches before reinserting it back into the pistol. Holstering the weapon, Artemis turned to the Hospitaler.

Do you have access to the dead tech adepts body? When i return, i wish to perform an autopsy on it. Perhaps i can find evidence to the murder, and possibly prevent further servitor attacks. But now i must return to my brothers and appraise them of the situation.

"I'm afraid not, my Lord," Magdalena says, wrinkling her nose. "After ship security made their investigation, the remains were handed over to the Mechanicus on the ship. You would have to go through them if you want to examine the body."

She bows towards Artemis. "Thank you, my Lord. Without your help, many might have died here. I hope we meet again soon."

The apothecary returned the gesture with the sign of the aquilla and a stiff bow.Thank You sister. With that he started making his way outside the medicae ward towards the ship's bridge.

Artemis reflected on what had happened today. Heresy. I do not like the current state of events. Perchance I can get access to the fallen engineer's body from the Mechanica, but knowing their secretive nature, it will become difficult. While Artemis occupied the servitors in the medicae ward, he found it disturbing that he struggled until he was saved by a mere human. He felt indebted to the Sister Hospitaler, and the shame of his weakness of resolve pained him more than the dulling pain in his chest. I must harden my resolve, or face shame for my chapter.

Artemis returned to his chambers, retrieved his bolter then proceeded to the bridge to join the kill-team.


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