Chapter 1: Fodder!

Eduardo sends a savage glower towards Fortune, as if trying to mentally tell her to shut up. Still, he doesn't say anything, and merely backs away from the conversation a bit. Thank you for your time, my lady, and we will take your guidance and advice in this, and all things. When do we leave?

Nurse bows grovelingly, "My mistress is most kind to want this one to go about for her, but Mistress knows Nurse is old. This one knows of one who much better server my Mistress. She is strong, quick witted, and able to walk without aid unlike this one. She will serve Mistress well in this one's place if my Mistress does not mind and old woman making a humbler suggestion."

"Well," snaps Tailen, "get on with it. What's your suggestion, old woman?"

"My mistress is kind to hear this one out. There is a girl who works in the kitchens with this one, as this one said she is strong, quick witted and much more suitable for travel than this one. This one has heard her called Abeyla if my Mistress wishes for her to go," Nurse says, drooling and prattling along, her face inches from the floor as she bows.


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