Character Creation Thread

I know its more work and reading, laiced, but the more I think about it a rigger/techno sounds pretty effective. My magician is focused on conjuring spirits, which can work somewhat like an astral drones. Might be pretty effective to have some physical drones as well.

What spells I'm taking are from the Illusion group, for stealth support and possibly some tricks cast using Ritual Magic (Dream, Trid Phantasm) if we want to mess with someone's head. Kvasir has basic stealth and social skills, but I'm figuring SB's character will take the lead on those. He'll be better at astral than physical combat, but I suppose that why one summons Guardian spirits...

SB, I could see good potential at working a 'good cop, bad cop' angle when we need it, with Kvasir playing bad cop. He's a little on the spooky side and should be pretty effective at Intimidation. If your character is a showman by nature, he would probably be a natural good cop.

Happy new year, all.

Happy new year to you all. And I'll add that rigger technos can be darn effective, specially with the right qualities.

Well I used my 4 hours in the plane yesterday to start coming up with stats and the likes - I want to push for cybercombat heavy build, but I could fit rigging in to it as well I guess but I think that may make the character less interesting for me, which none of us wants.

Chimi, you are focusing on investigation, research, info gathering stuff for your techno, right? Do you have an interest in the rigging aspect as well? I think it would be a secondary focus for either of our characters' abilities.......

Just a thought. If you both feel you have enough territory to cover without stepping on each other's toes, scrap the rigger idea.

Well, I started considering how I can blend the cybercombat build with a rigger build and I came up with a loose concept of a techno named
named after the genus of birds that posses elongated, tubular bills to extract nectar and pluck spiderrs from the middle of a web
Arachnothera, or Spider Hunter. I haven't completely wrapped my head around the concept yet, but the gist of it is that he thrives on breaking in to security systems and hunting down the spiders inside of it, then using the system for his own agenda. His skill with ridding security systems of its spiders is how he was invited to the shadows.

I just have to figure out how to translate that idea in to using drones as all the stuff that dubs and I worked out.

Well, getting good at Rigging doesn't take a lot, honestly. All you really need is a good Command complex form, a few ranks in the various vehicle skills, and the gunnery skill. Honestly what you can really do is treat the driving/gunnery as your combat skills and handle combat completely via drone.

But don't feel like you need to actually do rigging. It's not necessary. What you have there is good enough. Turning a system against itself is pretty darn cool. Right now you two sound like you really do have different focuses. Laiced's techno is more about the run itself while Chimi's is definitely the legwork expert.


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