Water Pillars


"My name is Vicky," the kenki smiles.

She looks around the room a bit, before asking: "I'm wondering about something... how do you find food here?"

"I'm John." John hissed. "So you came in this place with the orcs, do you know why the 'lizards' and the orcs had a fight?"

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"I am Guan," ZhuGuan takes a few steps back from the ogre and give an exaggerated bow. "It's a... pleasure to meet you." He gives John a sideways glance as he says it, wondering how much pleasure John got out of it. The half-elf can't understand how a giant troop of goblins and lizardmen got in here and why they would split up in this clearly dangerous place.

"This is a nice place you have here. I don't suppose you know much of the area that you can tell us about. Or, perhaps help us find longtail? He's probably a lizardman although, he could be a kobold. Maybe you'd like to come along with us and help us find him. Or I suppose you could stay here," he gestures in a wide arc around the room. "Have you been through that door over there?" He points at the far eastern door. The slayer rattled on with questions, even inquiring if he knew the kobolds they had recently met. He was clearly getting use to or perhaps relishing in the ability to speak again.

"You know, I bet you eat nearly as much as our friend Jared. Hey, where is he?" ZhuGuan wanders out to the hallway to call the halfling into the room before he's eaten by a Grue.

John squinted as the mist of the water hits his eyes "I know were asking you a lot of questions, so take your time and try to remember everything."

begins Bragdor as he scratches his head at the bombardment of questions. Starting to get a little confused, he decides to answer the last one first, "I not sure who Jared is... or where... I think I never meet him before. Is he an orc or lizard?"

Guan steps into the hall and looks down it both ways. There is no sign of Jared's light anywhere. The little halfling seems to have gone missing.

Do you know how to get out of this forsaken place? Malklyr asks Bragdor.


"A little too many questions," Vicky observes, "we should not bother you with so many of them. We're planning to explore further soon. Would you mind us coming back here later, Bragdor?"

perhaps we should take the simpleton with us, what his brain lacks his muscle makes up for
something in a foreign language, Malklyr says to Allyria

"Get out?" ponders Bragdor at Corax's question. "I guess you could go back through the tunnel that we came down, but Orghar say that way is broken I think... so maybe you can't... Since you are stuck though you can come back and see me. I try to remember not to break you when you come back next time."


"Thanks a lot, Bradgor. We'll come back later, then." She walks back to the door they entered by. "Let's move on," she calls to the two drow. "Where's Jared, by the way?"


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