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Sorry I've been away. Like I said in the other game I've been without a way to get online. I've had to pick up a job over the holidays and pick up as many shifts as I can so I can pay the repair bill for my computer before the holiday season is over and they let the holiday staff(me) off. I won't have a ton of time but I'm going to try and participate a little more now that I'm back online. I'll try to get something up with Megumi's stalker up this evening after my shift.

P.S. I am also really exited for SWTOR. I preordered so I would get in early but with my computer being broken until today and now work I've gotten all of an hour of play in. :/

Well, having been preoccupied with things (including this forum) I haven't playd SW:TOR in over a week.

So, what time do you have available to get involved in this because I'm making sure I have time to continue running it for the sake of the players?

If you feel you don't have the time for personal reasons or would rather spend all your time playing computer games then I understand and I'll simply remove you as Co-GMs because the idea was that I was looking for active Co-GMs so if you can't be active then there's little point in having you around.

I'm not trying to have a go but I hope you can understand it from my perspective that I need Co-GMs who will participate and not just sit back only really doing something on the very rare occasion when they've got nothing else to do.

I guess thats for the best, really... RL's been eating into my comp time a lot lately (and my guild razzin me to hit lvl 50 quick so they have a healer for their ops doesn't help too much either, especially considering none of the guys already lvl 50 wanna help me lvl, and about 1/3 of the time I'm listening to them in vent they're talking about trying to recruit a pugged healer into the guild, they really don't understand the concept of motivation)
...and I'm not the most dependable Co-GMs anyways I really wish I could be better at it
if/when I can actaually learn some good GMing skills, I'll volunteer said newfound skills for a lesser role at first (Co-Co-GM?)


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