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My first character Crynus Esteros is a sorcerer mercenary. Currently the tower of High Sorcery is not quite sure how to deal with Sorcerer and this is mostly why Crynus Esteros doesn't get too much scrutiny at the moment. Many people are trying to understand and put him in the same category as a wizard of high sorcery, Crynus would have none of it and do his magic as he pleases without worrying about consequences. He saw the occasion to make some quick coin with his magic, as he wasn't very good with any kind of weapons.

Presenting my second character Darius Willis:

Darius Willis is a very young noble, only 19 years of age and have been living a life of luxury all of his life. He is a bit clumsy and sometime aloof but pretty handsome and always willing to do good around him. He carries himself with elegance and just by talking with him, you can tell that he is a noble. He isn't the best fighter or the greatest talker, but he has one thing many people wishes they had...favors. He can call on favors for people to help him when he is in a pinch or to help further the cause of the solemnic knights.


I'm moving up my time table on this a little. As you finish your characters, post them and I'll work them in as soon as you do. Plenty of room, plenty of time.


Everyone else
Game On!

I'll have a post for Wilson and Miles later today.

Val: In your entry descibing Wilson and Miles, you mention a rival noble house. Are you referring to Chaos Emerald's Darius Willis PC by chance?

Yeppers! I threw that in for tension

I thought I should put some character images up and my brief background info.

Grinder Hammersmith:

Appearance: Grinder appears to have been carved from stone, so sturdy and sharp are his features. His armor is polished and kept in pristine condition, even down to the killer spikes that adorn it. He wears a thick helmet, two gauntlets, and carries a shield that have all had killer spikes worked into them for goring opponents. His beard is long and scraggly and he keeps flowing loose to catch all the ale it can. He bears the symbol of his clan, two crossing warhammers with an anvil backdrop, upon his shield and you can find it on any piece of armor he has ever forged.

Bio: Born in the mountain and raised by the fellows of clan Hammersmith, Grinder has long been indoctrined into Hylar society and is every bit the stereotypical mountain dwarf. He threw himself into craftsmanship at an early age, mostly due to the prodding of his father, and has since become an accomplished armorsmith. But his love for the forge surpassed working the anvil. At the age of 20 Grinder decided that he would give himself up to the clergy of Reorx, and though it took just a little while for his father to accept the decision, Notcher Hammersmith couldn't be more proud of his only son. Grinder has served for many years now, unerringly dedicated to Reorx and his craft.

Grinder has since joined up with the Solamnic's as a healer a guardian. He has often been paired with a young knight who has been bursting up the ranks, Angriff. Along with his closest friend and a ragtag squad of mercenaries, Grinder was successful in leveling Lighthorn Keep in their most recent mission. Grinder was affected by the traumatizing event as much as the others, though he has easily remained the most sturdy throughout the ordeal. Often times it has been his wise council, and the word of his Reorx, the Forge God, that has nursed his friends in their fragile states. Solid as a stone...

Llanthor Silverleaf:

Appearance: Llanthor has long black hair and emerald colored eyes. He prefers dark colors and always wears his favored Elven Cloak and Boots. Llanthor is also never without his tools of employment. Twin masterwork scimitars rest easily in scabbards that hang from each side of his waist. He wears damask gloves of soft black leather with purple runes of no significance sewn into the material.

Llanthor spent nearly all of his 110 years of life on the streets. He was not lucky enough to have benefited from a traditional education, for he was raised by mercenaries and taught simply to fight. Where the elf is not book smart he is however quite crafty and an intelligent combatant. He served his foster parents for years as a blade for hire and was able to hone his skills, but he eventually wanted to break off on his own and forge his own reputation. He has since traveled from city to city offering his services to the highest bidder and hopes to one day be among the greatest duelists in the world.

Recent history:
Llanthor teamed up with a few companions in an effort to destroy Lighthorn Keep. The team included two Solamnic Knights, Angriff and Ryke, a Red Robed wizard named Lestianna, who is also his consort, Touvenir, his half elf brother of the sword, and the ever unique female ranger best known as Hunter, or the Huntress as the team often called her. The team was successful in their attempt to destroy the Keep but upon their return it was pretty clear that the mission weighed upon those who survived. Ryke and Touveneir were killed in action along with two sibling hill dwarves who had joined later in the journey and that fact seemed to affect them all profoundly. None freely speak of what they witnessed and each have been changed in some way.

Sorry that it's taken so long to get everything together. Been a hectic end of the year, and without a computer at my place, my ability to finish the sheets has been limited. Granted, I can get my messages and reply from my tablet, just that working on a full sheet and tabbing in and out of the browser was a mess. Any how!]Without further ado, I present to you all, my two characters for this campaign are as follows:
And thanks to Paul for the submission layout. /laugh

Name: Mashari of Steel
Race: Irda
Gender: Female
Class: Fighter 5
Alignment: Lawful Good
Role: Primary Combatant, Translator, Master Smith

Description: For years Mashari disguised herself as a tall, human female of average proportions. Since the conflicts have begun, Mashari dropped her acts and travels without disguise. She stands just over six feet tall, with auburn blonde hair and distinct blue skin. She carries an arsenal of weapons on herself, and is almost always with both her armor and steed.

Personality: Despite common beliefs, Mashari is not an evil, horrible mongrel as the Irda as commonly depicted. Though she seems quite self-absorbed, she is introspective and simply prefers the company of herself and rarely a single companion with whom to debate a topic of importance. Mashari is a kind person, however, and will offer help if she can, frequently repairing the armor of knights for little more than spare rations of vegetables.

Background: Following the fourth age, most Irda were destroyed, and due to the conceived nature of their actions, were persecuted for years to come. Few Irda sought refuge in human lands, learning to exist among them without revealing their true history and natures. Mashari was one of these who managed to live among a blacksmith family to learn his trade. Since the second cataclysm, Mashari has spent much time crafting weapons and armors for her own reasons; many of which had donated to causes as needed in protecting villages. More recently, Mashari found her skills needed in a new war effort. This effort has found her in a military encampment of the Solamnic Knights, where she has sworn to help ready for war, but hopes it not be needed.

Name: Brother Thomasine Vawdrey, Squire
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Cleric 5
Alignment: Lawful Good
Role: Primary Healer, Secondary Combatant, Liaison to the Solamnic Knights

Description: Thomasine, or Thomas as many choose to call him, is of average build and appearance of typical human, though he is of slightly more muscular shape. His clothes are almost always that of a Habbakuk priest if not in the armor of a champion. His dark brown hair is kept very short, and matches well to his brown eyes and the slightest tan to his skin.

Personality: It comes as little surprise that Thomasine is a loving man who shows compassion to any who are need. It may come as a surprise that Thomasine is not above killing a man that has committed atrocities against the people. His upbringing within the Habbakuk orphanage in Solanthus is obvious, as he constantly refers to himself as still a orphan. He commonly shows extreme compassion to children, and goes as far at to carry spare jerky for those children without food.

Background: Thomasine was an orphan left at the church of Habbakuk in Solanthus over twenty years ago. His entire life had been spent in the orphanage and the church cleaning and learning to tend wounds of both body and soul. In his early days as a priest he was ordained and showed a true talent for spells. He was made a cleric at fourteen and worked with the church and orphanage, never leaving for more than a day and a night at any given time.

In these years, Thomasine traveled the city and helped all those in need, bringing food to children and elderly, finding medicine for those in need, and performing last rights of those who passed on of natural causes. As the years continued, Thomasine developed a friendship with a young squire named William Chamberlayn of the Solamnic knights. In return for treating wounded knights moving through the town, the knights made donations to the orphanage in the form of foods, blankets, and medicine. Thomasine was proud of his work for the last three years. It was the Solanthus Liberation Army that changed his path.

Following the uprising of the SLA, many buildings, merchants, and persons known to assist the Solamnic knights were persecuted. Due to Thomasine, the Habbakuk orphanage was one of these places. The priests were labeled traitors; those who escaped lived, those who stayed too long were killed. Fortunately for Thomasine he had left from the orphanage on his trip to bring medicines from the church to a group of knights camped in the fields. As he returned, he learned the news, and rather than entering the city, returned to his friend William. He has assisted in the war effort since, and following William's acceptance as a Solamnic Knight, William nominated Thomasine as his squire.

GSingley, characters look good can you also post their stats in the character sheet section, that way they will appear on my dm screen.


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