OOC - The Fourth Wall

OOC - The Fourth Wall

Sorry, but the questions thread is locked and stuff is sort of all over the place.

On the profile page it says:
Start level; 6
Starting equipment; a treasury of 10,000gp, a capital, a town and 3 villages as well as a small defensive force and your own weapons, armour or casting needs. The player has half the standard wealth by level 6 for their own gear.
Character creation; A small backstory and personality section is required. Your leader may have one trait and one flaw. The Lord classes I am currently homebrewing are the preferred classes as they will be made to fit the game.

What of this is still valid?
I have a choice between region 4 and one to the south.. which one to the south, 6 or 7?
There are many threads in archives and some stuff still in active threads, but it is difficult to determine what is current.

I've got Region 3.

Most of those rules seem up to date... except I haven't seen any homebrewed Lord classes, and we're limited to Tier 3 or higher characters... and Tier 4 or higher cohorts... unless we have a PC cohort, which is allowed to be Tier 2.

No Lord Classes were available. All classes were listed from the expanded and homebrew Tier 3 list, which I listed in one of the OOC threads somewhere. Classes were limited to Tier 3 and less powerful tiers. We didn't actually get to spend our treasury yet, or describe any of our armies; in the prologue, were were limited to the things we managed to get via Leadership, which was given as a bonus feat at level 3. We were assumed to have a decent amount of the useful mundane stuff, for our personal character, the wealth we were alloted was only to describe magical things. We were given 13k to spend for our main character's magic gear. Cohorts are limited to Tier 4 or less powerful tiers. We are allowed one flaw and one trait. Leadership armies (ie, the prologue armies) were limited to Tier 5 and less powerful tiers.

Ah, found it! My listing of Tier 3 classes:

Expanded list of other classes, including Tier 4 and Tier 5:

We are allowed to slightly modify existing classes, but not enough to bring them to a more powerful tier.

Penchant, I was letting you take the option of the NPC territory to the south. So the orange colored area with the random cities on it.

Lucky didn't give me any details about it, so I need to convert it or realm 4 into an NPC region.

Aside from that, Gavin is correct.

How specific should these exports be? ie, "weapons," "masterwork weapons," "swords" etc?

EDIT: What about things we produce internally but don't want to export? Should we list those here but not trade them, or is that just covered under buying things normally? If we list it as an export but keep it in-realm, is there some kind of discount?

You'll probably want to be as specific as "Long Bows, Short Swords, Etc..." Masterwork versions, I would assume would tag along as well as the possibility of weapons crafted from rare ore.

Hey - I need to make diplomatic overtures to my neighbors, but I don't know who they are anymore. Many of the threads are now closed or private, and it's not clear who's playing and which realm they run, and some basic details about each.

I remember my neighbors are desert, elven, and wild-magic area, if those are all still true, but I don't know about my 4th neighbor, and I lack info on names & such. Towns, NPC diplomats, etc. The trade thread will help a little once everyone's posted, but still, a thread with some basic stats about each realm, just public knowledge things, would help.

Chimeria is Penchant and he hasn't finnished with everything yet. Aside from that, the only one that is no longer true that you listed was the wild-magic area. NM is in control of that realm and I've not heard anything from him recently.

I also tossed up this thread in hopes to put all of this data for you in one place.


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