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Is no one exporting farmed stuff like cotton, flax, corn, etc. etc.? Who is the breadbasket of the area with lots of plains of farmed stuff?

Wasn't there an NPC place to the south that had obviously the most farmland and river valleys and stuff? Something that could obviously mess with us and had obviously our food supplies by a strangehold, for the DM to have to give us lots of unreasonable demands?

Chimeria is in the possession of Penchant who hasn't developed it fully as of yet. Also, I wasn't informed as to what it possessed economically and since Penchant was kind enough to step in, I let him choose which of
Since I was uncertian which players were dropping out.
2 territories he wanted.

Yea, I thought that big southern one was going to be a DM-made land with lots more resources than us, to mess with us? Left intentionally not a PC land, since it was obviously better??

I was going to be a crafting/agricultural center but deficient militarily. I won't be producing weapons and magic items. That should keep us all balanced.

However, if there is concern I will be happy to relocate to somewhere else.

Deficient militarily except by overwhelming numbers! You know what all that food and space gets you? Lots and lots and lots of people. Also lots of money.

Hey, the goblins stay in their cages... mostly.

Alternatively, we can simply blight part of the land to put it in par with the rest of the territories.... "troll swamp' or some such.

I've already stated he starts off with the same population as everyone else. Everyone is starting with the same amount of funds.

Also, I am moving this to the OOC thread - to keep things organized.

Do player's really have a big issue with Penchant starting off there?


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