Applications - Champions of the Enchanted Lands

Applications - Champions of the Enchanted Lands

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Uriel Lux, Inquisitor of Light
“If you don’t choose to serve the light, I will make you serve the light”

Ongyo-Ki, Goliath Barbarian, Stoneblessed
Init +11 HP 123/123 Bloodied 61 Healing Surge 30 (0 used /14)
AC 28 Fort 28 Reflex 26 Will 23 Speed 6
Str 23 (+14) Con 22 (+14) Dex 16 (+11) Int 11 (+8) Wis 14 (+10) Cha 14 (+10)
Howling Strike
Howling Strike,
Pressing Strike
Pressing Strike,
Stone's Endurance
Stone's Endurance,
Swift Charge
Swift Charge,
Vicious Assault
Vicious Assault,
Rage Strike
Rage Strike,
Shrug it Off
Shrug it Off,
Brutal Slam
Brutal Slam,
Rage of the Crimson Hurricane
Rage of the Crimson Hurricane,
Combat Surge
Combat Surge,
Curtain of Steel
Curtain of Steel,
Oak Hammer Rage
Oak Hammer Rage,
Enraged Surge
Enraged Surge,
Storm of Blades
Storm of Blades,
Thunderfury Rage
Thunderfury Rage,
Spur the Cycle
Spur the Cycle,
Mountain Sweep
Mountain Sweep,
Summit Advantage
Summit Advantage,
Avalanche Assault
Avalanche Assault

Background: Ongyo-Ki was a valued member of the Black Lord's personal army, always on the front lines during invasion. Maiming and pillaging was second nature to him and he did so with primal finesse. He relished every opportunity to show off his power and fed off the fear his victims felt moments before they died. It wasn't long before the Warrior of Ice came and did battle with him. After going toe-to-toe with the human fighter, Ongyo-Ki acknowledged his strength and did something most unusual. He submitted to the Holy Allegiance and even took up his blade against Akron himself. He was driven by power and the Warrior of Ice had it in spades. How could a human's physical prowess match a demons? How could he obtain such strength?

Many years passed since the end of the dark war and Ongyo-Ki lived a life of solitude in the human world, branded a traitor by those of the demonic realm. As black clouds loomed over the skies, Ongyo-ki took that as an ill omen of Akron's return. Taking up his blade once again, he was determined to find the answer to the very questions that plagued him.

Appearance: Will link to a picture after I've made 5 posts...

Personality: Ongyo-Ki does not speak often. His colossal size and appearance does little to mask the scary pitch of his voice, normally causing humans to run away before the words escape his lips. When he does speak, he is cold and harsh, often getting to the point immediately. What he cannot convey through speech, he does so through intimidation and feats of strength.

The player: I'm currently DM'ing my own 4e game and have played in a couple others, both PnP and PbP. I like the roleplaying aspect but as an avid fan of SRPG's I'm more drawn to 4e's tactical combat system. I'm looking for a campaign that will last a while, so I can watch my character grow but I'm still ok if this is a one-shot, one-level affair so long as there's some fun to be had.

I'm not quite sure how to answer "what I'd bring to the campaign" without coming off as pretentious or sounding like some cheesy high school class president notecard speech. I'm not even all that sexy so I can't even use that to my advantage here.

Well, to avoid cliche and get to the point. Blah blah won't drop out, blah blah will make things more interesting, blah blah will show a little leg if necessary blah blah so you should pick me (^_^)/`[/QUOTE]

In a nutshell, Ongyo-Ki fought alongside the Warrior of Ice after being bested by him in combat and defeated Akron in the name of the Holy Allegiance. I've never read the books but if you would allow it, I would like for Ongyo-Ki's name to be recognized and almost synonymous with the Warrior of Ice as one who turned away from darkness and embraced the light. If that's not plausible, then only the Holy Allegiance would know of his help and they would have put in a good word for him to the King after the war which is why he would be entrusted with the task of defeating Akron once more. The King probably would not have taken kindly to Ongyo-Ki due to him being a demon but I feel like the word of the Holy Allegiance and the Warrior of Ice would be more than enough to sway his mind.


I didn't see you change that we could add magic items so here's what I'd like to add to Ongyo-Ki

Lvl 16 Horned Helm
Lvl 16 Iron Armbands of Power (Can I substitute this for my level 17 item?)
Lvl 12 Badge of the Berserker
Lvl 12 Jagged Weapon (Glaive)
Lvl 12 Marauder's Armor
Lvl 7 Boots of the Fencing Master
Lvl 10 Strikebacks
Lvl 8 Belt of Lucky Strikes

Gerald the Barber

Alignment: Good (on the more chaotic side)

Race: Half-elf (the actual half-elf kind)

Class: Fighter (Slayer)

Background: Gerald was a barber's apprentice in Laram, a small but prosperous city in Elgard, when it all began.

Appearance: Gerald is precisely six feet (he sometimes wonders if measuring rods alter themselves to match him; he has seen rods he would swear were half a foot uneven each way measure him perfectly) and roughly 190 lbs (to his dissatisfaction, this measurement is never as precise as the other). He used to have a short, clipped beard; in recent years this has grown into a fuller, bushier creature that inhabits his face. After all, who shaves the barber once his coworkers are dead?

He is a sturdy, thick-built man - for a half-elf. For a human, he'd be about average, if you didn't look at his ears. He has a long scar down his left thigh, and his brown hair has black highlights in it. His face used to be in a perpetual grin - nowadays, when he does grin, it is more manic than anything else, and his default expression is more like a scowl.

In short, he looks rather like this:

Personality: Although no longer the happy-go-lucky barber's apprentice of his youth, Gerald still enjoys life. He may enjoy it by sticking skewers into those he considers evil, but it is enjoyment nonetheless. He has a fondness for badgers, with whose fur he has lined his jacket and hood. He is easy to get along with, as long as the party in question does nothing to suggest a preference for evil over good. In this context, it would probably be helpful to him if he understood sarcasm rather better than he does, but he is slowly learning. He is bluff and candid - for a half-elf - and only touchy about evil and his ability to destroy it.

Player: I have been playing D&D 4e heavily for the past two+ years, and recently finished DMing my first campaign. I also have a fair amount of experience with other d20 system RPGs and some non-d20 as well; in a normal week I play at least two sessions of some RPG, at least one of which is 4e. I am fairly new to Myth Weavers, but very good at keeping up with online bulletin boards (from years of experience), and I would expect to post at least once a day.

I am expecting from the game a good sense of narrative and world-immersion: given the level of detail you've given and the fact that you are loosely basing on published material (and therefore are not required to improvise as much if we wander slightly from your initial intent), I would hope to be in a campaign where I get the impression there is a world outside of the individual encounters in which the characters engage, a world affected by those encounters but not merely scaffolding for them. I would bring to this a healthy imagination, a willingness to engage with that world, and a strong belief in role-playing (besides my RPG experience, I'm also an actor).

Tristam Cheval

Race: Half-elf (Eladrin traits)

Class: Warlord / Battle Captain

Appearance: Born to nobility, Tristam has a taste for the finer things in life. A handsome young man by any standard, he tends to dress in fine garb although often with his own unkempt roguish style thrown in. Short by human standards, his facials features tend to be more fey (from his mother) although he often looks to be in a bad need of a shave. Overall he gives off the impression of a nobleman who has been partying too hard for several days straight rather than that of a champion of the people.

Garland Blackwood, Demonslayer and Nadrakian Butcher
Human (Half-orc), Ranger, Impilturan Demonslayer

Halaster, the (Mostly) Sane Starlock
D̦̯͎o̱̘̙͓̠͠͝ ̗̞ǹ̢̝̟͎͇͍͓̹̹o̞̘̝̦̻̕͢t̨̨͇͈͇͔͕͠ͅ ̡͇̝̠̙̭̳͖̘͜un̝̻̝͔̹̼ͅd͙̻̬͉e̢̬͉̝͔r̞̳͟e͉sṭ̞̥̞͠i̟̺̭̣̼̣ma̹̰̥̲̝͝ͅt͙̙̠̱̭̪̻͘e̹̥͝ ̨̠̪͕͓̹̤̞̖̞͡ḿ̷̟͕̣̘̞͓̦ͅe͈̘,͙̞͙̹͙ͅ ̻͓̠̙̳͢m̰̟̼̲̣̣͡ͅo͍͇͚̰͔̠͈̬͝͠r͔͡ț̶̛̯̬̖̝̲͎͝a̸̢̱͖̼͉̻̼͉͍͘l̖̼̀.̴͎͙̲͍̺̰͈͢

Race: Human

Class: Star-Pact Warlock (Doomsayer)

Alignment: Firmly Good, though a bit to the Chaotic side.

Empty space left in application to represent the black void of the Far Realm: Yes (seen below this text).

Appearances can be deceiving.

Character and Player Info:




Player Info:

Adventures and Shared Backstories:


The Sage of Storms

Race : Half-Elf (Elf)
Class : Invoker of Wrath
Paragon Path : Lyrandar Wind-Rider

DescriptionThe Sage of Storms is a thin, ascetic man with tell-tale elvish ears, though he keeps his features hidden beneath a carved ebony mask. His eyes are dark and piercing, with an uncanny knack of shining in the dark, and his ability to sense danger is eerie. His fingers are long and nimble, his movements quick and precise. Even at his most relaxed he gives the impression of a coiled adder, ever alert and ready to strike.

Lei-Gong usually dresses in night-blue robes and a hauberk of greenish crystal, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and his distinctive ebony mask. He carries a staff of mangrove root that twists like a serpent, along with several other trinkets concealed in the folds of his sleeves. The Sage is quiet and aloof, preternaturally calm and meditative. It takes a great deal to anger him, although among the hill-folk of the Grey Mountains there is a saying: Strike even the face of the Oracle three times and his anger will be roused.
BackgroundThe origins of the Sage are clouded in mystery. Most believe he arose from a humble beginning somewhere on the fringes of Elnor and Thorald, though the earliest stories place him in Irengard during the Winter of the Frost Wyrm. He made a name for himself among the Hundred Companions when they slew the Frost Wyrm, before disappearing for several years. During this time, he must have scaled the Grey Mountains to consult the Oracle of Thunor, for when next he appeared in the Darklands, he possessed the Four Secrets of Thunor.

During the campaign against the Fire-Newts, it was clear that his craft had grown since the Winter of the Frost Wyrm. The Sage of Storms was a welcome sight to his allies, though terrible to behold in all his power. Reliable sources describe him soaring over the field of battle, casting forks of lightning amongst the foe and smiting them with thunderbolts. His capacity for destruction was immense, although after battle he was quick to return to his quiet and contemplative demeanor.

Character SummaryKing. Eidaeris rules of The Five Cities, a small kingdom situated near the Lands of Chaos in Elgard. The kingdom itself is structured more like a tribal confederacy than any of the kingdoms found elsewhere in the Enchanted Lands, but he is the undisputed sovereign. The peoples of The Five Cities honor strength just as much as they revile corruption, so the dynasty to which he belongs rules with both ruthlessness and integrity. He will maintain his kingship only as long as he continues to inspire devotion--and fear--and protects the confederacy from the predations of the bandits that surround them.

Priest. Eidaeris stands as his people's representative to Miklath, the Lady of Fire and Ice, patron goddess of the people of the region. When she demands propitiation or tribute, he bears it into her sacred place. When prayers are offered on behalf of the people, he intones them before the assembly. His successes and failures bring glory or guilt upon his entire house; and as the symbolic head of all the houses of The Five Cities, his actions bear more weight than those of any other. As king, he is both child and servant of the goddess, owning all the privileges, liabilities, and obligations that those two relationships confer.

Prophet. When Miklath chooses to speak, it is with Eidaeris as her mouthpiece. She speaks seldom, but always very clearly--though never with more detail than is necessary. When the cold flame of her inspiration comes upon him in the court of her sacred place, his eyes become living flame and his hair becomes encrusted with ice, changing color from its customary red to the whiteness of snow. The latest oracle seems to have changed the color of his hair permanently, though the fire and ice have returned from whence they came to Miklath's scepter.

Eidaeris of the Spade
Barbarian King

Race:Human Male (but mechanically a Bugbear)
Class: Hybrid Barbarian/Cleric
Alignment: Good
Age: 57
Personality: Ruthlessly forceful
Motivation: The service of his people and elimination of evil
In Combat: Fearsome

Tac Rednuht

Race : Human (a real Monk)
Class : Monk
Paragon Path : Incandescent Champion


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