Chapter 1: Perdition Gate

Chapter 1: Perdition Gate

SituationThe Cendrian 8th Division Motorized Rifles ("The Lionhearts"), are tasked with holding off the forward elements of the Wulf Brigade as it races to cut off the retreat of the 11th and 13th Border divisions. This area of land across the border of the Free Principalities borders the Abriant Fen, territory that Valtic legions have fought and bled over for centuries. Battle is met in the morning as the Wulf Brigade comes across the Lionheart's hastily built fortifications at the site of the triumphal arc of a long-dead Valtic general.

Mission 1, Deploy!

"Alright listen close Eighth. The 2nd Brigade of the Wulf Mechanized Division ceased engaging and held their positions around 1900 last night after crushing the 11th's rearguard in one day of running engagements. We believe that they're not expecting much resistance yet and many of their infantry may still be mounted in halftracks as they approach our fortifications. You've only had one night to dig in, I know it's not much but without any space to sacrifice if we want to rescue the 11th and 13th our options have been limited.

At dawn approx. 0650 we expect scout elements of their mechanized column to approach down the ruined Valtic causeway. I leave the details of the defense to you. Your mission is simply to buy as much time for our border divisions to retreat as possible. Look to your field-grade officers and stand fast!"

InstructionsPost your updated Unit Card with the numeric designator attached to your squad acronym. Choose between your two deployment zones. Those trucks are your ticket out of here once the fighting gets too hot to handle, so coordinate your fall-back points!

Good luck.

[F3] Cpl. MacManus
Rifles: [ ][ ][ ][ ]-[ ][ ][ ][ ]-[ ][ ][ ][ ]
Grenades: ( )-( )-( )
Rally! ( )

Deploy to Zone 2, preferably at the top-most hex.

[G2] Spc. Monday
Launchers: [ ]-[ ]
Specialty Ammo: S: ( ) F: ( ) - S: ( ) F: ( )
SMG: ( )( )-( )( )
" May as well get the No. 2 Position so we can get as much oppurtunity to bother them as possible. "

Deploy in zone 1.

How long do we have to setup before the enemy appears?

[C3] Cpl. Sharpe
S.Rifle [ ][ ]
Vanish! ( )

Deploy Zone 1, West-most Hex (just below the front of the truck)

[C3] Cpl. Sharpe
"Permission to take the high-ground to the West, Sir..."

[O2] Lt. Macfinnigus
Rifles: [ ][ ]-[ ][ ]-[ ][ ]

Deploy in Zone 2, as easterly as possible.

"Hold steady lads."

[C1] Cpl. Devereaux
S.Rifle [ ][ ]
Vanish! ()

Deploy on zone 2, close to top as possible.

[V2] Cpl. Tenenbaum

Deploy in Zone 2, northern hex.

"In war, resolution; in defeat, defiance; in victory, magnanimity."

[F1] Cpl. Hollings
Rifles: [ ][ ][ ][ ]-[ ][ ][ ][ ]-[ ][ ][ ][ ]
Grenades: ( )-( )-( )
Rally! ( )

>Deploy on zone 1, right NE of the "1"


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