Something I like to do relatively early in my games is get feedback from the players. We've gone through some combat encounters, some non-combat skill checks and the like, and pretty much have the introductory action out of the way now. Based on that, I'd like to hear how everybody is feeling about the game so far. Anything is fair game, from how the crunch is being handled to my writing to the pace.

The idea behind this is that if anybody has any glaring concerns about how the game is playing out, we can nip them in the bud early before they become a real problem down the line.

You can post here for all to see or hit me with a PM. Either way, I look forward to your comments and critiques

i cant speak for the others, but i think the game has been executed well so far.

True I myself have been a huge culprit in slowing down the game in the last week, which i ask for forgiveness from the DM and other players, but i think we all are looking forwards to continuing the game and reaching Aurum.

i mean, i was kinda blown away from how the setting of the ship was presented, such as the medicae bay and personal quarters.

I have no complaints or useful criticisms. This is more or less exactly what I hope for when I'm applying to PbP games.

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