Aina "Nightbringer" Moore

Aina "Nightbringer" Moore

Personal Data
Name: Aina Moore
Alias: The Nightbringer
Player: Christopher
Plot Points: 0
Growth:d4, d6
Afraid 0
Angry 0
Exhausted 0
Insecure d8
Injured 0

Values & Relationships
My DUTY is to myself first d8
GLORY is a double-edged sword d8
I meet out JUSTICE as I see fit d8
LOVE is a power all of its own d6
POWER must be tempered with wisdom d8
The TRUTH is a necessary evil d4 (d0)

WALTER brings only trouble and grief d8
MOPSA has a level head d8
LILLIAN must be kept safe d10
JUN is nothing but trouble d6
PENELOPE is trying to take what's mine! d6
RACHAEL is a basket-case d6
WIL is a right bastard d6
PAUL is just a friend d8
LAURA MACINTIRE is a lunatic! d6 (d0)
VIKTORIA speaks in riddles d8

DistinctionsBABBLE MOUTH d4
d4: Gain a Plot Point when you Reveal too much, or talk when keeping silent would be best.
d4: Reroll a die in an Agile roll when you Choose to drop everything you’re carrying.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Decrease your opponent’s Injured or Exhausted Stress pool.
d4: Give your opposition a d6 to Reroll a die in a Likable roll.
d8: Earn a Plot Point when you Decrease your own AFRAID or INSECURE Stress pool—you don’t really mean to upset anyone!
d4: Earn a PP when you Choose to keep your powers hidden in a situation that could cause you harm.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to use your shadows as a d8 useful detail.
Connected Abilities: Claws (CB105), Energy Aura (WR83), Invisibility (CB108), Shadow Control (CB111), Shadow Walk (CB111), Transmute (WR84)
Spend a Plot Point to...
*Hide for an entire scene to listen in without being noticed.
Spend a Plot Point to...
*Increase your own INJURED or AFRAID Stress pool.

Extras & Locations
Prof. Cory Smith 2d6 (Lore, History)
The Observatory 2d6 (Quiet, Seculded)
LAST DROP CAFÉ 2d8 (Crowded, Gossip)

For Origins, Aina took alien/metahuman, it was the only one that gave her a heritage distinction.
  • Extra added was Prof. Cory Smith, professor of history, who dabbles in mythos
  • DUTY & TRUTH were both stepped up to d6
  • Ebon blade heritage was added & stepped up to d6
  • Added Manipulative at d4


You should write down your Ebon blade Heritage here. That way we have only one place to go to for your character info.

STEP 2: Youth

  • Added the observatory.
  • Connected Dr. Constance Treadwell --> U.S. Robotics. Sits on the board of directors.
  • Added Agile at d4.
  • Increased Prof. Cory Smith to 2d6.
  • Increased Ebon Blade Heritage to d8.

Focus On Life
  • Connected to Dr. Constance Treadwell at 2d4
  • Connected Mr. Blue to penthouse of the Westwick Hotel
  • Stepped up relationship with Walter d6
  • Stepped up relationship with Lillian d6
  • Stepped up the observatory 2d6

Life-Changing Event

At her previous school, Aina was the popular girl. All the girls wanted to be her, and all the guys wanted to date her. She loved the spotlight, and loved the attention. One night, at her sorority house, some of her more petty sisters decided to teach her a lesson.

It wasn't much, just some stupid little "book of spells" that had some faux Latin chants in it. They tied her up, and "cast a spell" on her, meaning only to scare her. However, after the spell was cast (for it was indeed a spell), the three sorority sisters who chanted the incantation dropped dead, and their life-force was transferred to Aina.

Freaking out, she summoned the shadows to her, and cut her bindings. Hearing her scream, Aina's other sisters came in to find the three girls dead, and Aina nowhere to be seen. She was, however, sitting in the corner, rocking herself while crying...but no one saw her.

Once everyone found out that the girls were dead, Aina ran...and ran fast. She Didn't stop until she got home. Not willing to tell her parents what happened, she just insisted that she transfer to another out of state. Her parents were phoned by the police a day or two later, and informed them that three of Aina's classmates died.

Thinking that she just didn't want to be in the same place her friends died, they transferred her to her new school...

Power Manifestation
  • Added Last Drop Café at 2d4
  • Mop is Dr. Constance Tredwell's favourite student
  • Step up power to d8
  • Step up Glory & Justice to d6
  • Added Invisibility d4
  • Step up Invisibility to d6
  • Step up Agile to d8
  • Step up Last Drop Café to 2d8

What does Aina look like? Do you have a photo reference or an actress who would play her?

Added linked abilities to EBON BLADE HERITAGE.

Also, the BABBLE MOUTH distinction that I want to get has the following triggers:
d4: Gain a Plot Point when you Reveal too much, or talk when keeping silent would be best.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Boost Manipulative or Likable distinction.
d12: Add a d6 to trouble to Reduce your opponents Afraid or Insecure stress pool.

The idea behind the d12 trigger is that she's so good at talking all the time, she can talk others into a tizzy, making their words sting less.


Note: CB = Core Book; WR = Watchtower Report

P.S. After talking with Devon, I changed my Manipulative to Babble Mouth, since I've been playing the latter & not the former.

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